match idtarget lengthalignment lengthprobabilityE-valuecoveragematch description
13WZI_B1106899.91.6E-22[     -------------                               ]Uncharacterized protein AF_1864; Exonuclease, deadenylation activity, TRANSCRIPTION-RNA complex; 2.9A {Archaeoglobus fulgidus DSM 4304}
23CLV_A2083197.83.9E-05[                  ----                           ]Rab5 protein, putative; malaria, gtpase, Rab, structural genomics; HET: GDP; 1.89A {Plasmodium falciparum}
33TRF_A18510597.70.0011[                  --------------------           ]Shikimate kinase (E.C.; Amino acid biosynthesis, TRANSFERASE; HET: SO4; 2.6A {Coxiella burnetii}
41O3Y_A1662397.70.00053[                  ----                           ]ADP-ribosylation factor 1; PROTEIN TRANSPORT; HET: GTP; 1.5A {Mus musculus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
53ADD_A2592897.60.00049[                  -----                          ]L-seryl-tRNA(Sec) kinase (E.C.2.7.1.-)/tRNA COMPLEX; Protein-RNA complex, tRNA, ATP-binding, Kinase; HET: ANP; 2.4A {Methanocaldococcus jannaschii}
65CB8_B1974897.60.0011[               -------                           ]Probable adenylyl-sulfate kinase (E.C.; Synechocystis, sulfur metabolism, kinase, TRANSFERASE; HET: ADX, SO4; 1.88A {Synechocystis sp. (strain PCC 6803 / Kazusa)}
73DM5_A44313197.60.0038[                  ------------------------       ]Signal recognition 54 kDa protein; protein-RNA, Signal Recognition Particle, SRP-GTPase; HET: SO4, GDP; 2.51A {Pyrococcus furiosus}
81U8Y_B1682397.60.00037[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Ral-A; signaling protein; HET: GNP; 1.55A {Saguinus oedipus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
92WWW_B34911997.60.00081[                  --------------------           ]METHYLMALONIC ACIDURIA TYPE A PROTEIN; TRANSPORT PROTEIN, NUCLEOTIDE-BINDING; HET: GDP, 2PE; 2.64A {HOMO SAPIENS}
103TRF_B18510597.60.0011[                  --------------------           ]Shikimate kinase (E.C.; Amino acid biosynthesis, TRANSFERASE; HET: SO4; 2.6A {Coxiella burnetii}
111HUQ_A1642397.60.0015[                  ----                           ]RAB5C; G-protein, GTP hydrolysis, endocytosis, Rab; HET: GNP; 1.8A {Mus musculus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
133BH7_A1642497.60.00054[                  ----                           ]ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 3, Protein; Protein-Protein complex, GTPase Activating protein; HET: GDP; 1.9A {Mus musculus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
145L3S_E2989797.60.018[                  ----------------               ]Signal recognition particle 54 kDa; Co-translational protein targeting, Signal Recognition; HET: GOL, G, GNP, SO4; 1.9A {Sulfolobus solfataricus (strain ATCC 35092 / DSM 1617 / JCM 11322 / P2)}
151FTS_A29513497.50.00047[                  -----------------------        ]FTSY; SIGNAL RECOGNITION PARTICLE RECEPTOR, GTPASE; 2.2A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.10, a.24.13.1
161ION_A24313997.50.0037[                   -----------------------       ]PROBABLE CELL DIVISION INHIBITOR MIND; ADP-binding protein, P-loop, MinD, cell; HET: ADP; 2.3A {Pyrococcus horikoshii} SCOP: c.37.1.10
174I1V_A2102497.50.0019[                  ----                           ]Dephospho-CoA kinase (E.C.; Structural Genomics, NIAID, National Institute; HET: ADP; 2.6A {Burkholderia vietnamiensis}
191U8Z_A1682397.50.00037[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Ral-A; Ral, GNP, GTP, GMPPNP, GppNHp; HET: GDP; 1.5A {Saguinus oedipus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
203EA0_B24514197.50.02[                  ------------------------       ]ATPase, ParA family; alpha-beta-alpha sandwich, structural genomics, PSI-2; HET: ATP; 2.2A {Chlorobium tepidum}
213UMF_A2173197.50.0024[                 -----                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; Rossmann fold, TRANSFERASE; 2.047A {Schistosoma mansoni}
224I1U_B2102497.50.0016[                  ----                           ]Dephospho-CoA kinase (E.C.; Structural Genomics, NIAID, National Institute; HET: SO4; 2.05A {Burkholderia vietnamiensis}
234BZQ_A1732897.50.0026[                  -----                          ]BIFUNCTIONAL ENZYME CYSN/CYSC (E.C.,; TRANSFERASE, SULFUR ASSIMILATION, ADP; HET: ADX, CIT, ADP; 2.1A {MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS}
245X4B_A1622297.50.0026[                  ----                           ]GTPase Der; Ribosome biogenesis, Rossmann fold, GTPase; HET: GDP; 1.5A {Bacillus subtilis (strain 168)}
252RHM_C1932597.50.0019[                  ----                           ]Putative kinase; P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolases; HET: BEZ, GOL; 1.7A {Chloroflexus aurantiacus}
262RHM_B1932597.50.0019[                  ----                           ]Putative kinase; P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolases; HET: BEZ, GOL; 1.7A {Chloroflexus aurantiacus}
272VLI_B1832597.50.0013[                  ----                           ]ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE PROTEIN; TRANSFERASE, PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE; 1.95A {DEINOCOCCUS RADIODURANS}
281QF9_A1942597.50.0028[                  ----                           ]URIDYLMONOPHOSPHATE/CYTIDYLMONOPHOSPHATE KINASE; NUCLEOSIDE MONOPHOSPHATE KINASE, NMP KINASE; HET: C5P, ADP; 1.7A {Dictyostelium discoideum} SCOP: c.37.1.1
295UKD_A1942597.50.0028[                  ----                           ]URIDYLMONOPHOSPHATE/CYTIDYLMONOPHOSPHATE KINASE (E.C.; NUCLEOSIDE MONOPHOSPHATE KINASE, NMP KINASE; HET: ADP, C5P; 1.9A {Dictyostelium discoideum} SCOP: c.37.1.1
303A00_B1863297.57.6E-05[                   -----                         ]Guanylate kinase (E.C.; Guanylate kinase, domain movement, dimerization; 1.8A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae}
313RAB_A1692597.50.003[                  ----                           ]RAB3A; G PROTEIN, VESICULAR TRAFFICKING, GTP; HET: GNP; 2.0A {Rattus norvegicus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
323END_B30714597.50.02[                  ------------------------       ]Light-independent protochlorophyllide reductase iron-sulfur ATP-binding; BchL, protochlorophyllide, Electron donor, DPOR; HET: ADP; 1.63A {Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1}
331JPN_A29617297.50.017[                  -------------------------------]SIGNAL RECOGNITION PARTICLE PROTEIN; Ffh, SRP, GMPPNP, Signal Recognition; HET: ACY, GNP; 1.9A {Thermus aquaticus} SCOP: a.24.13.1, c.37.1.10
341QZW_E44013997.40.0022[                  -----------------------        ]Signal recognition 54 kDa PROTEIN/RNA; Signal recognition particle, SRP, ribonucleoprotein; 4.1A {Sulfolobus solfataricus} SCOP: a.36.1.1, c.37.1.10, a.24.13.1
353X1X_A1672497.40.0012[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rap-1b; SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION, SIGNALING PROTEIN; HET: GNP; 1.0A {Rattus norvegicus}
362P5T_D2533097.40.0013[                  ----                           ]fragment of PezA helix-turn-helix motif; postsegregational killing system, phosphoryltransferase, helix-turn-helix; 3.2A {Streptococcus pneumoniae}
371LS1_A29517097.40.03[                  ------------------------------ ]SIGNAL RECOGNITION PARTICLE PROTEIN; Ffh, SRP54, SRP, GTPase, ultrahigh; 1.1A {Thermus aquaticus} SCOP: a.24.13.1, c.37.1.10
382GJ8_A1722597.40.0014[                  ----                           ]tRNA modification GTPase trmE; G-domain dimer, alpha-beta-sandwich, Hydrolase; HET: GDP, ALF; 1.7A {Escherichia coli BL21(DE3)} SCOP: c.37.1.8
392WWW_D34911497.40.0024[                  --------------------           ]METHYLMALONIC ACIDURIA TYPE A PROTEIN; TRANSPORT PROTEIN, NUCLEOTIDE-BINDING; HET: GDP, 2PE; 2.64A {HOMO SAPIENS}
401EX7_A1862697.47.8E-05[                   ----                          ]GUANYLATE KINASE (E.C.; GUANYLATE KINASE, SUBSTRATE-INDUCED FIT, DOMAIN; HET: 5GP, SO4; 1.9A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.1
412ATV_A1962497.40.0015[                  ----                           ]RAS-like estrogen-regulated growth inhibitor; RERG, GDP/GTP binding, GTP hydrolysis; HET: GDP; 1.9A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
425G3Y_A2262397.40.0031[                   ---                           ]ADENYLATE KINSE (E.C.; ADENYLATE KINASE, ADP, TRANSFERASE, PHOSPHORYL; HET: ADP; 1.18A {SYNTHETIC CONSTRUCT}
432OFX_B2072797.40.0026[                  ----                           ]Bifunctional 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate synthetase 1; nucleotide kinase, TRANSFERASE; HET: PO4, PPS, ADP; 1.9A {Homo sapiens}
443T61_B2022597.40.006[                  ----                           ]Gluconokinase (E.C.; PSI-BIOLOGY, Structural Genomics, Protein Structure; HET: PO4; 2.2A {Sinorhizobium meliloti}
453T61_A20210497.40.006[                  --------------------           ]Gluconokinase (E.C.; PSI-BIOLOGY, Structural Genomics, Protein Structure; HET: PO4; 2.2A {Sinorhizobium meliloti}
462VLI_A1832597.40.00095[                  ----                           ]ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE PROTEIN; TRANSFERASE, PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE; 1.95A {DEINOCOCCUS RADIODURANS}
471R2Q_A1702597.40.00094[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-5A; RAB, GTPase, GNP, atomic resolution; HET: GOL, GNP; 1.05A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
484M9Q_C2272297.40.0067[                  ----                           ]ARF-like GTPase (E.C.; GTPase, G domain, Joubert Syndrome; HET: GNP, SO4; 2.5A {Chlamydomonas reinhardtii}
494WOP_B22513997.40.0044[                   -----------------------       ]Biotin Protein Ligase; biotin protein ligase, ligase; HET: CTP, SO4; 2.393A {Mycobacterium tuberculosis}
501SVI_A1952597.40.0017[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein YsxC; YsxC, ENGB, GTPase, GTP-binding protein; HET: GDP; 1.95A {Bacillus subtilis} SCOP: c.37.1.8
512BWJ_B1992597.40.0071[                  ----                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE 5 (E.C.; ADENYLATE KINASE, PHOSPHORYL TRANSFER REACTION; HET: AMP, SO4; 2.3A {HOMO SAPIENS}
521YE8_A1782697.40.0083[                   ----                          ]Hypothetical UPF0334 kinase-like protein AQ_1292; MIXED ALPHA-BETA PROTEIN ROSSMANN; 1.4A {Aquifex aeolicus} SCOP: c.37.1.11
535DE3_A1692197.30.0019[                  ----                           ]ARF-like GTPase; G-protein, ADP ribosylation factor like; HET: GNP; 1.417A {Chlamydomonas reinhardtii}
541J8M_F29715797.30.013[                  --------------------------     ]SIGNAL RECOGNITION 54 KDA PROTEIN; SIGNALING PROTEIN; 2.0A {Acidianus ambivalens} SCOP: a.24.13.1, c.37.1.10
551R8S_A1642397.30.0018[                  ----                           ]ADP-ribosylation factor 1/Cytohesin 2; PROTEIN TRANSPORT/EXCHANGE FACTOR, PROTEIN TRANSPORT-EXCHANGE; HET: GDP; 1.46A {Bos taurus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
561KAG_B1732597.30.0037[                  ----                           ]Shikimate kinase I (E.C.; TRANSFERASE, Structural Genomics, PSI, Protein; 2.05A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.2
575L3R_B29315897.30.00086[                  ---------------------------    ]Signal recognition particle 54 kDa; Co-translational protein targeting, Signal Recognition; HET: GOL, GCP; 2.5A {Arabidopsis thaliana}
584WNR_A34910997.30.001[                  ------------------------       ]Mb Roco2 RocCORdC 287-629 (E.C.; Roco proteins, GAD, small G-protein; HET: SO4, GDP; 2.9A {Methanosarcina barkeri}
592PEZ_B1792897.30.0036[                  -----                          ]Bifunctional 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate synthetase 1; NMP-kinase fold, protein in complex; HET: DAT, GGZ; 1.4A {Homo sapiens}
605NCO_i45013397.30.0095[                  ----------------------         ]50S ribosomal protein L2, 50S; Ribosome, SRP, Sec translocon, SRP; HET: GDP, ALF; 4.8A {Escherichia coli}
612D7C_B1672697.30.00035[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-11A, Rab11 family-interacting; GTP-ase, coiled-coil, PROTEIN TRANSPORT; HET: MES, GTP; 1.75A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
622BWJ_A1992597.30.0056[                  ----                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE 5 (E.C.; ADENYLATE KINASE, PHOSPHORYL TRANSFER REACTION; HET: SO4, AMP; 2.3A {HOMO SAPIENS}
631YRA_B2624097.30.017[                  -------                        ]ATP(GTP)binding protein; GTP binding protein, GTPase, P-loop; HET: GDP; 2.3A {Pyrococcus abyssi} SCOP: c.37.1.10
643ZJC_C3052997.30.0017[                 -----                           ]GTPASE IMAP FAMILY MEMBER 7; HYDROLASE, IMMUNITY; HET: GNP; 3.15A {HOMO SAPIENS}
651CXZ_A1822497.30.0019[                  ----                           ]HUMAN RHOA COMPLEXED WITH KINASE; PROTEIN-PROTEIN COMPLEX, ANTIPARALLEL COILED-COIL, SIGNALING; HET: GSP; 2.2A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
661KAG_A1732597.30.0037[                  ----                           ]Shikimate kinase I (E.C.; TRANSFERASE, Structural Genomics, PSI, Protein; 2.05A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.2
674M9Q_B2272397.30.0067[                  ----                           ]ARF-like GTPase (E.C.; GTPase, G domain, Joubert Syndrome; HET: SO4, GNP; 2.5A {Chlamydomonas reinhardtii}
683E70_C32815097.30.024[                  --------------------------     ]Signal recognition particle receptor; SIGNAL RECOGNITION PARTICLE RECEPTOR, FTSY; HET: GDP; 1.97A {Pyrococcus furiosus}
695X4B_B1622497.30.00075[                  ----                           ]GTPase Der; Ribosome biogenesis, Rossmann fold, GTPase; HET: GDP; 1.5A {Bacillus subtilis (strain 168)}
703ZJC_E3052997.30.0017[                 -----                           ]GTPASE IMAP FAMILY MEMBER 7; HYDROLASE, IMMUNITY; HET: GNP; 3.15A {HOMO SAPIENS}
712QOR_A2042697.30.00041[                  ----                           ]Guanylate kinase; phosphotransferase, purine metabolism, Structural Genomics; HET: 5GP, POP; 1.8A {Plasmodium vivax}
724V0L_A1692397.30.0018[                  ----                           ]ARF-LIKE SMALL GTPASE; HYDROLASE; HET: GTP; 2.197A {CHLAMYDOMONAS REINHARDTII}
732KE5_A1742397.30.0013[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Ral-B; Ral, Cancer, Signalling, G protein; HET: MG, GNP; NMR {Homo sapiens}
742CE2_X1662497.30.002[                  ----                           ]GTPASE HRAS; SIGNALING PROTEIN, GUANINE NUCLEOTIDE BINDING; HET: XY2, GDP; 1.0A {HOMO SAPIENS}
754RZ3_A29514597.30.018[                  ------------------------       ]Site-determining protein; P-loop, Walker A, SIMIBI, flagellum; HET: ADP; 1.9A {Geobacillus thermodenitrificans}
765LPN_A1772697.30.00099[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-10, Protein-methionine sulfoxide; Mical-1, DUF3585, Mical, Rab effector; HET: GNP; 2.8A {Homo sapiens}
771X18_X2922497.30.0041[                  ----                           ]30S ribosomal protein/GTP-binding protein era/RNA; Contact sites of Era protein; 13.5A {Thermus thermophilus} SCOP: c.37.1.8, d.52.3.1
781E6C_A17310897.30.0048[                  ---------------------          ]SHIKIMATE KINASE (E.C.; MUTANT SHIKIMATE KINASE, PHOSPHORYL TRANSFER; HET: PO4, MPD; 1.8A {ERWINIA CHRYSANTHEMI} SCOP: c.37.1.2
791G3Q_A23714297.30.012[                   -----------------------       ]CELL DIVISION INHIBITOR; ALPHA-BETA-ALPHA layered, PROTEIN-ADP COMPLEX, cell; HET: ADP; 2.0A {Pyrococcus furiosus} SCOP: c.37.1.10
804DSU_A1892497.30.0046[                  ----                           ]GTPase KRas, isoform 2B (E.C.3.6.-.-); small G-protein, signaling, Hydrolase; HET: GDP; 1.7A {Homo sapiens}
814V03_B25713997.30.03[                   ----------------------        ]SITE-DETERMINING PROTEIN; CELL CYCLE, BACTERIAL CELL DIVISION; HET: ADP; 1.9A {AQUIFEX AEOLICUS}
824V0K_A1692397.30.0017[                  ----                           ]ARF-LIKE SMALL GTPASE; HYDROLASE; HET: GDP, CD; 1.438A {CHLAMYDOMONAS REINHARDTII}
832IYV_A1842497.30.0028[                  ----                           ]SHIKIMATE KINASE (E.C.; TRANSFERASE, AROMATIC AMINO ACID BIOSYNTHESIS; HET: ADP; 1.35A {MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS} SCOP: c.37.1.2
844BZP_A1742897.30.0042[                  -----                          ]BIFUNCTIONAL ENZYME CYSN/CYSC (E.C.; TRANSFERASE, SULFUR ASSIMILATION; HET: EDO, ADP; 1.47A {MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS}
851F6B_A1982697.30.0017[                  ----                           ]SAR1; GTPASES, N-TERMINAL HELIX, MG-CONTAINING COMPLEX; HET: GDP, SO4; 1.7A {Cricetulus griseus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
862QTV_B1672397.30.008[                  ----                           ]Protein transport protein SEC23, Small; COPII coat, vesicular transport, Cytoplasmic; HET: GNP; 2.5A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.8
873FGN_C25114297.20.033[                  ------------------------       ]Dethiobiotin synthetase (E.C.; dethiobiotin synthetase, biotin biosynthesis, bioD; 1.85A {Mycobacterium tuberculosis}
881LVG_A1982897.20.00025[                  -----                          ]Guanylate kinase (E.C.; TRANSFERASE, GMP kinase, Guanylate kinase; HET: 5GP, ADP; 2.1A {Mus musculus} SCOP: c.37.1.1
893IBY_D2562297.20.00061[                  ----                           ]Ferrous iron transport protein B; G protein, G domain, iron; 2.5A {Legionella pneumophila}
902PT5_B1682497.20.002[                  ----                           ]Shikimate kinase (E.C.; Aromatic amino acid biosynthesis, Kinase; 2.1A {Aquifex aeolicus}
911VIA_A1752597.20.012[                  ----                           ]shikimate kinase (E.C.; structural genomics, Transferase; HET: SO4; 1.57A {Campylobacter jejuni} SCOP: c.37.1.2
921RJ9_A30415997.20.01[                  ---------------------------    ]Signal Recognition Protein/Signal recognition particle; SRP-GTPase DOMAIN, HETERODIMER, NUCLEOTIDE TWINNING; HET: GCP; 1.9A {Thermus aquaticus} SCOP: a.24.13.1, c.37.1.10
932QT1_A2073397.20.0012[                 -----                           ]Nicotinamide riboside kinase 1 (E.C.2.7.1.-); non-protein kinase, NAD+, nicotinamide riboside; HET: NNR; 1.32A {Homo sapiens}
944WZA_H27614197.20.06[                   -----------------------       ]Nitrogenase MoFe Protein alpha chain; Nitrogenase, Nucleotide binding, Asymetry, Complex; HET: CLF, SF4, HCA, ACP, ADP, ICS; 1.8995A {Azotobacter vinelandii}
952XB4_A2232397.20.0092[                   ---                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE (E.C.; ATP-BINDING, NUCLEOTIDE-BINDING, TRANSFERASE; HET: SRT; 1.8A {DESULFOVIBRIO GIGAS}
961S3G_A2172397.20.0082[                   ---                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; psychrophile, TRANSFERASE; HET: AP5; 2.25A {Sporosarcina globispora} SCOP: g.41.2.1, c.37.1.1
971UKY_A2032597.20.0083[                  ----                           ]URIDYLATE KINASE (E.C.2.7.4.-) COMPLEXED WITH; TRANSFERASE; HET: ADP; 2.13A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.1
981ZD9_A1882497.20.002[                  ----                           ]ADP-ribosylation factor-like 10B; transport protein, GDP-binding, membrane trafficking; HET: GDP; 1.7A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
994Y0A_A1792697.20.0076[                  ----                           ]Shikimate Kinase (E.C.; Shikimate Pathway, Transferase, Nucleoside monophosphate; HET: SKM, SO4; 1.911A {Acinetobacter baumannii}
1003GMT_B23011297.20.0062[                  --------------------           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; SSGCID, ADENYLATE KINASE, BURKHOLDERIA PSEUDOMALLEI; HET: SO4; 2.1A {Burkholderia pseudomallei 1710b}
1014RZ2_A29514497.20.041[                  ------------------------       ]Site-determining protein; P-loop, Walker A, SIMIBI, flagellum; 2.8A {Geobacillus thermodenitrificans}
1023GMT_A23011297.20.0062[                  --------------------           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; SSGCID, ADENYLATE KINASE, BURKHOLDERIA PSEUDOMALLEI; HET: SO4; 2.1A {Burkholderia pseudomallei 1710b}
1032PX0_H2969497.20.0018[                  -----------------              ]Flagellar biosynthesis protein flhF; SRP GTPase, flagellum, protein transport; HET: GNP; 3.0A {Bacillus subtilis}
1052GZH_A1732797.20.00077[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-11A (E.C., RAB11-FIP2; Ras-like G protein fold, a-helical; HET: GTP; 2.47A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
1063DMD_B32815097.20.024[                  --------------------------     ]Signal recognition particle receptor; SIGNAL RECOGNITION PARTICLE RECEPTOR, FTSY; HET: SO4, GOL; 2.21A {Pyrococcus furiosus}
1073B9Q_A30215397.20.0064[                  ---------------------------    ]Chloroplast SRP receptor homolog, alpha; cpFtsY, SRP receptor, protein translocation; 1.75A {Arabidopsis thaliana}
1082ZEJ_B1842397.20.0016[                  ----                           ]Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (E.C.; Parkinson's Disease, LRRK2, ROC, GTPase; HET: GDP; 2.0A {Homo sapiens}
1091A82_A22413897.20.034[                   -----------------------       ]DETHIOBIOTIN SYNTHETASE, 7,8-DIAMINO-NONANOIC ACID, ADENOSINE-5'-TRIPHOSPHATE; PHOSPHORYL TRANSFER, BIOTIN BIOSYNTHESIS, LIGASE; HET: ATP, DNN; 1.8A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.10
1101GUA_A1672397.20.0053[                  ----                           ]RAP1A, C-RAF1, PHOSPHOAMINOPHOSPHONIC ACID-GUANYLATE ESTER; ONCOGENE PROTEIN/KINASE/EFFECTOR PROTEIN GTP-BINDING-PROTEIN, COMPLEX; HET: GNP; 2.0A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
1111BYI_A22413897.20.034[                   -----------------------       ]DETHIOBIOTIN SYNTHASE; BIOTIN SYNTHESIS, CYCLO-LIGASE, LIGASE; 0.97A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.10
1121SUL_B1952597.10.0029[                  ----                           ]Probable GTP-binding protein YsxC; GTP, GTPase, GTP-binding, HYDROLASE; 2.0A {Bacillus subtilis} SCOP: c.37.1.8
1132P0E_A2073397.10.0021[                 -----                           ]Nicotinamide riboside kinase 1 (E.C.2.7.1.-); non-protein kinase, NAD+, nicotinamide riboside; HET: TIZ; 1.8A {Homo sapiens}
1141HYQ_A26313897.10.03[                   -----------------------       ]CELL DIVISION INHIBITOR (MIND-1); MinC, FtsZ, bacterial cell division; 2.6A {Archaeoglobus fulgidus} SCOP: c.37.1.10
1153A4M_B2602897.10.0024[                  -----                          ]L-seryl-tRNA(Sec) kinase (E.C.2.7.1.-); P-LOOP MOTIF, WALKER A MOTIF; HET: EDO, ADP; 1.792A {Methanocaldococcus jannaschii}
1165C4M_A1932497.10.0014[                  ----                           ]Transforming protein RhoA; RhoA Small G Protein Off-state; HET: GDP; 1.3A {Homo sapiens}
1175L3S_F29613097.10.048[                  -----------------------        ]Signal recognition particle 54 kDa; Co-translational protein targeting, Signal Recognition; HET: GOL, G, GNP, SO4; 1.9A {Sulfolobus solfataricus (strain ATCC 35092 / DSM 1617 / JCM 11322 / P2)}
1181GVN_B2872897.10.0049[                  ----                           ]EPSILON, ZETA; POSTSEGREGATIONAL KILLING SYSTEM; HET: SO4; 1.95A {STREPTOCOCCUS PYOGENES} SCOP: c.37.1.21
1201D5C_A1622597.10.0091[                  ----                           ]RAB6 GTPASE; G-PROTEIN, GTPASE, RAB, RAB6, VESICULAR; HET: GDP; 2.3A {Plasmodium falciparum} SCOP: c.37.1.8
1212OG2_A35915997.10.018[                  ---------------------------    ]Putative signal recognition particle receptor; Nucleotide-binding, PROTEIN TRANSPORT; 2.0A {Arabidopsis thaliana}
1222YC4_C2082697.10.0029[                  ----                           ]INTRAFLAGELLAR TRANSPORT PROTEIN 25, SMALL; TRANSPORT PROTEIN, CILIUM, IFT COMPLEX; 2.8A {CHLAMYDOMONAS REINHARDTII}
1231UKZ_A2032597.10.0079[                  ----                           ]URIDYLATE KINASE (E.C.2.7.4.-) COMPLEXED WITH; TRANSFERASE; HET: ADP, AMP; 1.9A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.1
1242EFC_D1812397.10.0041[                  ----                           ]Similarity to vacuolar protein sorting-associated; GEF, GTPase, Vps9, Rab5, nucleotide; HET: GDP; 2.09A {Arabidopsis thaliana}
1251VHT_C2182297.10.009[                  ----                           ]Dephospho-CoA kinase (E.C.; structural genomics, Transferase; HET: BA3; 1.59A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.1
1263VAA_B1992597.10.012[                  ----                           ]Shikimate kinase (E.C.; Structural Genomics, Center for Structural; HET: GOL, BME; 1.7A {Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron}
1273ECC_A1853397.10.003[                   -----                         ]DNA replication protein DnaC; Helicase loader, replication initiation factor; HET: ADP; 2.7A {Aquifex aeolicus}
1284NU0_B2172597.10.0085[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; adenylate kinase, capsular polysaccharide, growth; HET: AP5; 1.485A {Streptococcus pneumoniae}
1293CPJ_B2232597.10.0016[                  ----                           ]Rab GDP-dissociation inhibitor, GTP-binding protein; Rab GTPase, prenylation, vesicular transport; HET: GDP; 2.35A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae}
1304Q5I_B2702397.10.0032[                  ----                           ]Ferrous iron transport protein B; G PROTEIN, IRON TRANSPORT, GTPASE; 2.8A {Escherichia coli}
1311GVN_D2872897.10.0083[                  ----                           ]EPSILON, ZETA; POSTSEGREGATIONAL KILLING SYSTEM; HET: SO4; 1.95A {STREPTOCOCCUS PYOGENES} SCOP: c.37.1.21
1325HCN_A2612897.10.021[                  -----                          ]GPN-loop GTPase 1 (E.C.3.6.5.-); GPN-loop GTPase, Chaperone, Assembly, RNA; HET: GCP, DAO, GOL; 2.2A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae}
1334PZL_B2422597.10.011[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; structural genomics, The Center for; HET: GOL, FMT; 2.1A {Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis}
1345HCI_E2612897.10.021[                  -----                          ]GPN-loop GTPase 1 (E.C.3.6.5.-); GPN-loop GTPase, Chaperone, Assembly, RNA; HET: GDP, GOL; 2.3A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae}
1353W5J_A2042497.10.0018[                  ----                           ]Ferrous iron transport protein B; G PROTEIN, IRON TRANSPORT, GTPASE; HET: GDP; 1.932A {Gallionella capsiferriformans}
1361ZU5_B32013397.10.015[                  -----------------------        ]ftsY; GTPase, FtsY, signal recognition particle; 2.4A {Mycoplasma mycoides}
1371XD9_A28914297.10.076[                   -----------------------       ]Nitrogenase iron protein 1 (E.C.; MYO_47803101383KJG_B25414297.10.09[                   -----------------------       ]CO dehydrogenase/acetyl-CoA synthase complex, accessory; ADP-bound dimer, nickel binding protein; HET: ADP; 2.3A {Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans}
1394EUN_A2002597.10.0095[                  ----                           ]thermoresistant glucokinase (E.C.; putative sugar kinase, Enzyme Function; HET: SO4; 1.6A {Janibacter sp. HTCC2649}
1402QMO_A22014097.10.057[                   -----------------------       ]Dethiobiotin synthetase (E.C.; dethiobiotin synthetase, structural genomics, PSI-2; 1.47A {Helicobacter pylori}
1413HR7_A1682597.10.0024[                  ----                           ]Shikimate kinase (E.C.; three-layer alpha/beta fold, nucleoside monophosphate; HET: SO4; 1.8A {Helicobacter pylori}
1421DVR_B2202597.10.014[                  ----                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE, PHOSPHODIFLUOROMETHYLPHOSPHONIC ACID-ADENYLATE ESTER; NUCLEOSIDE MONOPHOSPHATE KINASE, MYOKINASE, TRANSFERASE; HET: ATF; 2.36A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.1, g.41.2.1
1431MRN_A2142597.00.01[                   ----                          ]Thymidylate Kinase (E.C.; TRANSFERASE (ATP:TMP PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE), KINASE, TRANSFERASE; HET: T5A, SO4; 2.45A {Mycobacterium tuberculosis} SCOP: c.37.1.1
1442C95_A1962597.00.015[                  ----                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE 1 (E.C.; TRANSFERASE, AP4A, NUCLEOTIDE KINASE, TRANSFERASE; HET: MLI, B4P; 1.71A {HOMO SAPIENS}
1451NKS_C1942697.00.022[                   ----                          ]ADENYLATE KINASE, ADENOSINE MONOPHOSPHATE, ADENOSINE-5'-DIPHOSPHATE; KINASE, THERMOPHILIC, TRANSFERASE; HET: AMP, ADP; 2.57A {Sulfolobus acidocaldarius} SCOP: c.37.1.1
1464TQ9_B1692397.00.0057[                  ----                           ]GTPase KRas; SMALL GTPASE, SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION, GDP; HET: GDP; 1.491A {Homo sapiens}
1472DR3_E24712897.00.012[                  -----------------------        ]UPF0273 protein PH0284; RecA superfamily ATPase, Hexamer, Structural; HET: ADP; 2.0A {Pyrococcus horikoshii}
1482FH5_B2142697.00.0067[                  ----                           ]Signal recognition particle receptor alpha; Endomembrane targeting, GTPase, GAP, longin; HET: GTP; 2.45A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
1494PZL_D2422597.00.01[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; structural genomics, The Center for; HET: GOL, FMT; 2.1A {Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis}
1502CDN_A2012897.00.014[                  ----                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE (E.C.; ADENYLATE KINASE, PHOSPHORYL TRANSFER, ASSOCIATIVE; HET: ADP; 1.9A {MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS} SCOP: c.37.1.1
1512EFE_D1812397.00.0041[                  ----                           ]Similarity to vacuolar protein sorting-associated; GEF, GTPase, Vps9, Rab5, nucleotide; HET: GNH; 2.08A {Arabidopsis thaliana}
1533T1T_A1982697.00.01[                  ----                           ]Gliding protein mglA (E.C.; G domain containg protein, bacterial; HET: GDP; 1.9A {Thermus thermophilus}
1543TK1_B3304497.00.014[                  -------                        ]Rv1496 ortholog (E.C.3.6.-.-); Structural Genomics, Seattle Structural Genomics; HET: GDP; 2.4A {Mycobacterium thermoresistibile}
1551LV7_A2572597.00.0054[                  ----                           ]Cell division protein ftsH(E.C.3.4.24.-); ALPHA/BETA DOMAIN, FOUR HELIX BUNDLE; HET: SO4; 1.5A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.20
1562FN4_A1812697.00.0031[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein R-Ras; RRAS, GDP/GTP binding, GTP hydrolysis; HET: GDP; 1.65A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
1571AK2_A2332597.00.01[                  ----                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE ISOENZYME-2; NUCLEOSIDE MONOPHOSPHATE KINASE, PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE; 1.92A {Bos taurus} SCOP: c.37.1.1, g.41.2.1
1585L3W_A30615397.00.25[                  ---------------------------    ]Signal recognition particle receptor FtsY; co-translational protein targeting, Signal Recognition; HET: GDP; 2.4A {Sulfolobus acidocaldarius}
1593REF_B1942997.00.0033[                 -----                           ]Rho-like small GTPase; cytoskeleton, nucleotide-binding, GTP-binding, signaling protein; HET: SO4, GDP; 1.95A {Entamoeba histolytica}
1602OZE_A29814697.00.022[                  ------------------------       ]Orf delta'; ParA, Walker type ATPases, DNA; HET: EPE, AGS; 1.83A {Streptococcus pyogenes}
1613W5I_B2042497.00.0018[                  ----                           ]Ferrous iron transport protein B; G PROTEIN, IRON TRANSPORT, GTPASE; HET: SO4; 2.15A {Gallionella capsiferriformans}
1622OCP_G2412597.00.0069[                  ----                           ]Deoxyguanosine kinase, mitochondrial precursor (E.C.; PROTEIN-NUCLEOTIDE COMPLEX, TRANSFERASE; HET: DTP; 2.8A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.1
1631Z06_A1892597.00.0067[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-33B; Rab GTPase, Rab33b GTPase, vesicular; HET: GNP; 1.81A {Mus musculus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
1641YRB_B2624097.00.0084[                  -------                        ]ATP(GTP)binding protein; GTP binding protein, GTPase, P-loop; HET: GDP; 1.75A {Pyrococcus abyssi} SCOP: c.37.1.10
1652XTO_A2402397.00.0012[                  ----                           ]GTPASE IMAP FAMILY MEMBER 2; IMMUNE SYSTEM, G PROTEIN; HET: GDP; 2.8A {HOMO SAPIENS}
1661YZQ_A1702497.00.0033[                  ----                           ]small GTP binding protein RAB6; Rab GTPase, Rab6, Vesicular trafficking; HET: GNP; 1.78A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
1672YVU_A1863197.00.038[                  -----                          ]Probable adenylyl-sulfate kinase (E.C.; TRANSFERASE, KINASE, Structural Genomics, NPPSFA; 2.1A {Aeropyrum pernix}
1682GO5_22142697.00.0096[                  ----                           ]signal receptor proteins/RNA Complex; SR, SRP, RIBOSOME, TRANSLATION-RNA COMPLEX; 7.4A {Canis sp.} SCOP: c.37.1.8
1693PQC_A1952597.00.0033[                  ----                           ]Probable GTP-binding protein engB; Rossmann Fold, GTPase, GTP binding; HET: GDP, PEG; 1.9A {Thermotoga maritima}
1703KJH_A25414297.00.012[                   -----------------------       ]CO dehydrogenase/acetyl-CoA synthase complex, accessory; Zn-bound dimer, nickel binding protein; 1.9A {Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans}
1715L3R_C3018997.00.067[                  ----------------               ]Signal recognition particle 54 kDa; Co-translational protein targeting, Signal Recognition; HET: GCP, GOL; 2.5A {Arabidopsis thaliana}
1725L3R_A3018997.00.067[                  ----------------               ]Signal recognition particle 54 kDa; Co-translational protein targeting, Signal Recognition; HET: GOL, GCP; 2.5A {Arabidopsis thaliana}
1733LW8_C1852597.00.006[                  ----                           ]Transforming protein RhoA, IpgB2; IpgB2, RhoA, GTPase, GEF, GEF-GTPase-complex; HET: GDP; 1.85A {Homo sapiens}
1743C8U_A2082997.00.057[                  -----                          ]Fructokinase (E.C.; YP_612366.1, putative fructose transport system; 1.95A {Silicibacter sp.}
1752ZE6_A2532397.00.0027[                   ---                           ]Isopentenyl transferase (E.C.; transferase, Crown gall tumor, Cytokinin; HET: DST, AMP; 2.1A {Agrobacterium tumefaciens}
1762DR3_D2472797.00.012[                  ----                           ]UPF0273 protein PH0284; RecA superfamily ATPase, Hexamer, Structural; HET: ADP; 2.0A {Pyrococcus horikoshii}
1771ZU4_A32013597.00.018[                  ------------------------       ]ftsY; GTPase, FtsY, signal recognition particle; 1.95A {Mycoplasma mycoides}
1783FDI_A2012597.00.0042[                  ----                           ]uncharacterized protein; Cytidylate kinase like protein, PSI; HET: SO4; 2.2A {Eubacterium ventriosum}
1792HUP_A2012397.00.0086[                  ----                           ]Crystal structure of human RAB43; G-PROTEIN, RAB, GDP, STRUCTURAL GENOMICS; HET: GDP; 2.05A {Homo sapiens}
1804QL3_A1702397.00.0074[                  ----                           ]GTPase KRas (E.C.; SMALL GTPASE, SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION, GDP; HET: GDP; 1.041A {Homo sapiens}
1814NTZ_A2172597.00.012[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; adenylate kinase, capsular polysaccharide, growth; 1.69A {Streptococcus pneumoniae}
1825KH0_B39611097.00.0058[                  -----------------------        ]HydF; MYO_47803101834U5X_A1782397.00.0026[                  ----                           ]OsRac1; Small GTPase, Rac, Plant; HET: GOL, GNP; 1.9A {Oryza sativa subsp. japonica}
1844BAS_A1992296.90.0029[                  ----                           ]ADP-RIBOSYLATION FACTOR, PUTATIVE (SMALL GTPASE; HYDROLASE; HET: GNP, SO4; 2.0A {TRYPANOSOMA BRUCEI TREU927}
1851Y63_A1842996.90.0011[                  ----                           ]hypothetical protein; Structural Genomics, Protein Structure Initiative; HET: ADP; 1.7A {Leishmania major} SCOP: c.37.1.1
1864NON_A2602396.90.0028[                  ----                           ]Ferrous iron uptake transporter protein; G protein, iron transport, GTPase; HET: GDP; 2.5A {Streptococcus thermophilus}
1874QXA_A2082696.90.035[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-9A, Small G; PH domain, Rab9A, RUTBC2, Rab; HET: GTP; 2.3A {Mus musculus}
1883TLX_B2432696.90.035[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase 2 (E.C.; Structural Genomics, Structural Genomics Consortium; HET: ATP, AMP, ADP; 2.75A {Plasmodium falciparum}
1893PQC_B1952596.90.0033[                  ----                           ]Probable GTP-binding protein engB; Rossmann Fold, GTPase, GTP binding; HET: PEG, GDP; 1.9A {Thermotoga maritima}
1905KH0_C39611096.90.0058[                  -----------------------        ]HydF; MYO_47803101913H86_G1922796.90.018[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; mesophile, kinase, adenylate kinase, phosphotransferase; HET: AP5; 2.5A {Methanococcus maripaludis}
1923H86_A1922796.90.018[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; mesophile, kinase, adenylate kinase, phosphotransferase; HET: AP5; 2.5A {Methanococcus maripaludis}
1933Q85_B1692296.90.0023[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein REM 2; G-domain, G-protein, Cav2 beta, SIGNALING; HET: GNP; 1.757A {Mus musculus}
1943P32_A3553096.90.014[                  ----                           ]Probable GTPase Rv1496/MT1543 (E.C.3.6.-.-); Structural Genomics, Seattle Structural Genomics; HET: PGE, GDP; 1.9A {Mycobacterium tuberculosis}
1953TSO_B1782396.90.0022[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-25, Rab11 family-interacting; Ras GTPase fold (Rab25), vesicle; HET: GOL, GNP, PO4; 1.8A {Homo sapiens}
1961EGA_A3012496.90.0061[                  ----                           ]GTP-BINDING PROTEIN ERA; ERA, GTPASE, RNA-BINDING, RAS-LIKE, HYDROLASE; HET: SO4; 2.4A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.8, d.52.3.1
1973N2E_A1682496.90.0034[                  ----                           ]Shikimate kinase (E.C.; alpha-beta-alpha fold, TRANSFERASE; HET: OSA, TLA; 2.53A {Helicobacter pylori}
1983TLX_A2432696.90.035[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase 2 (E.C.; Structural Genomics, Structural Genomics Consortium; HET: ATP, AMP, ADP; 2.75A {Plasmodium falciparum}
1992YC2_C2083096.90.0036[                 -----                           ]INTRAFLAGELLAR TRANSPORT PROTEIN 25, SMALL; TRANSPORT PROTEIN, CILIUM, IFT COMPLEX; 2.588A {CHLAMYDOMONAS REINHARDTII}
2005TAR_A1852496.90.0037[                  ----                           ]GTPase KRas, Retinal rod rhodopsin-sensitive; KRAS, KRAS4b, PDE6delta, PDEdelta, RAS; HET: GDP, FAR; 1.9A {Homo sapiens}
2012XTP_A2602496.90.0052[                  ----                           ]GTPASE IMAP FAMILY MEMBER 2; IMMUNE SYSTEM, G PROTEIN; 1.5A {HOMO SAPIENS}
2022AK3_A2262596.90.031[                  ----                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE ISOENZYME-3 (GTP: AMP; TRANSFERASE (PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE); HET: SO4, AMP; 1.85A {Bos taurus} SCOP: g.41.2.1, c.37.1.1
2032P5S_B1992396.90.0085[                  ----                           ]RAS and EF-hand domain containing; G-PROTEIN, RAB, GDP, STRUCTURAL GENOMICS; HET: GDP; 2.15A {Homo sapiens}
2043TSO_A1782396.90.0022[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-25, Rab11 family-interacting; Ras GTPase fold (Rab25), vesicle; HET: PO4, GOL, GNP; 1.8A {Homo sapiens}
2052VHJ_B33111196.90.0027[                   ---------------------         ]NTPASE P4; NON- HYDROLYSABLE ATP ANALOGUE, HYDROLASE; HET: ADP; 1.8A {PSEUDOMONAS PHAGE PHI12}
2063REG_A1942796.90.0041[                  ----                           ]Rho-like small GTPase; cytoskeleton, nucleotide-binding, GTP-binding, signaling protein; HET: GSP; 1.801A {Entamoeba histolytica}
2072DYK_A1612396.90.0032[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein; GTPase, ribosome-binding protein, Structural Genomics; HET: GDP; 1.96A {Thermus thermophilus}
2081UJ2_A2522796.90.0068[                  ----                           ]uridine-cytidine kinase 2(E.C.; ALPHA/BETA MONONUCLEOTIDE-BINDING HOLD, transferase; HET: C5P, ADP; 1.8A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.6
2091AKY_A2202596.90.019[                  ----                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE, BIS(ADENOSINE)-5'-PENTAPHOSPHATE, IMIDAZOLE; ATP:AMP PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE, MYOKINASE, TRANSFERASE (PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE); HET: AP5; 1.63A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: g.41.2.1, c.37.1.1
2104QM6_B1712296.90.0063[                  ----                           ]Metallophosphoesterase; RNA repair, P-loop phosphotransferase, polynucleotide; HET: GTP; 1.5A {Ruminiclostridium thermocellum}
2112HF8_A2263896.90.002[                  -------                        ]Probable hydrogenase nickel incorporation protein; alpha and beta protein, P-loop; HET: GSP; 2.1A {Methanocaldococcus jannaschii}
2122AX4_A1982796.90.029[                  ----                           ]Bifunctional 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate synthetase 2; PAPSS2, Structural Genomics, Structural Genomics; HET: ADP; 2.5A {Homo sapiens}
2134MDF_A1712296.90.0063[                  ----                           ]Metallophosphoesterase; RNA repair, P-loop phosphotransferase, Transferase; HET: CIT, GTP; 1.727A {Clostridium thermocellum}
2143I8S_B2742296.80.0076[                  ----                           ]Ferrous iron transport protein B; GTPase, GPCR, iron uptake, Feo; 1.8A {Escherichia coli}
2151Z0J_A1702496.80.0051[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-22A, FYVE-finger-containing Rab5; Rab Effector, Rab GTPase, Rab22; HET: GTP; 1.32A {Mus musculus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
2161ZP6_A1912696.80.017[                  ----                           ]hypothetical protein Atu3015; alpha-beta protein., Structural Genomics, PSI; 3.2A {Agrobacterium tumefaciens str. C58} SCOP: c.37.1.25
2173KKQ_A1832896.80.0089[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein M-Ras; GTP-binding, GTPase, SIGNALING PROTEIN; HET: GDP; 1.2A {Mus musculus}
2181KAO_A1672396.80.031[                  ----                           ]RAP2A, GUANOSINE-5'-DIPHOSPHATE; GTP-BINDING PROTEIN, SMALL G PROTEIN; HET: GDP; 1.7A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
2191NRJ_B2182596.80.02[                  ----                           ]Signal recognition particle receptor alpha; Signal recognition particle, Transmembrane, Receptor; HET: GTP; 1.7A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.8
2204DHE_A2232796.80.0015[                  ----                           ]Probable GTP-binding protein EngB; melioidosis, RAS-like GTPase, cell division; 2.2A {Burkholderia thailandensis}
2212Q9C_A30415896.80.34[                  ---------------------------    ]Cell division protein ftsY; INNER MEMBRANE, RIBONUCLEOPROTEIN, NUCLEOTIDE-BINDING, SIGNAL; HET: SO4, GNP; 2.2A {Thermus aquaticus}
2223FKQ_A37317696.80.37[                  ------------------------------ ]NtrC-like two-domain protein; RER070207001320, NtrC-like two-domain protein, Structural; HET: ATP, GOL, 2PE; 2.1A {Eubacterium rectale}
2232REX_D1972396.80.022[                  ----                           ]Plexin-B1, Rho-related GTP-binding protein Rho6; complex, Structural Genomics Consortium, SGC; HET: UNX, GNP; 2.3A {Homo sapiens}
2241T3H_A2142296.80.027[                  ----                           ]Dephospho-CoA kinase (E.C.; structural genomics, PSI, Protein Structure; HET: SO4; 2.5A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.1
2253NDP_A2312596.80.011[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase isoenzyme 4 (E.C.; PARALLEL BETA-SHEET, ALPHA-HELICES, TRANSFERASE; HET: SO4; 2.3A {Homo sapiens}
2264ILE_A1842396.80.001[                  ----                           ]ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 8A; GTPase, MEMBRANE TRAFFICKING, TRANSPORT PROTEIN; HET: GDP; 2.676A {Homo sapiens}
2273TAH_B2722396.80.0032[                  ----                           ]Ferrous iron uptake transporter protein; G-protein, GTPase, Iron transport, Potassium; HET: GOL, BGO; 1.85A {Streptococcus thermophilus}
2283HJN_A1972696.80.0017[                   ----                          ]Thymidylate kinase (E.C.; thymidylate kinase, ATP-binding, Kinase, Nucleotide; HET: TYD, ADP; 2.1A {Thermotoga maritima}
2293TR0_A2052696.80.0081[                  ----                           ]Guanylate kinase (E.C.; Purines, pyrimidines, nucleosides, nucleotides, TRANSFERASE; HET: 5GP, SO4, MSE; 1.851A {Coxiella burnetii}
2304DHE_B2232696.80.0015[                  ----                           ]Probable GTP-binding protein EngB; melioidosis, RAS-like GTPase, cell division; 2.2A {Burkholderia thailandensis}
2313LNC_A2312896.80.00054[                  -----                          ]Guanylate kinase (E.C.; ALS COLLABORATIVE CRYSTALLOGRAPHY, EMERALD BIOSTRUCTURES; HET: 5GP; 1.95A {Anaplasma phagocytophilum}
2324E03_B20612896.80.037[                   ----------------------        ]Plasmid partitioning protein ParF; partition, segregation, multidrug resistance, deviant; HET: ADP; 2.45A {Escherichia coli}
2331ZD8_A2272596.80.024[                  ----                           ]GTP:AMP phosphotransferase mitochondrial (E.C.; ATP:AMP phosphotransferase, myokinase, Structural Genomics; 1.48A {Homo sapiens}
2343ADK_A1952596.80.009[                  ----                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE (E.C.; TRANSFERASE(PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE); HET: SO4; 2.1A {Sus scrofa} SCOP: c.37.1.1
2354KLZ_A1732796.80.028[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein Rit1; small GTPase, molecular switch (GTPase); HET: GDP; 2.3A {Homo sapiens}
2361EK0_A1702496.80.0044[                  ----                           ]GTP-BINDING PROTEIN YPT51; G PROTEIN, VESICULAR TRAFFIC, GTP; HET: GNP, GDP; 1.48A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.8
2371NMY_A2092796.70.0015[                  ----                           ]similar to THYMIDYLATE KINASE (DTMP; TRANSFERASE, thymidylate kinase, p-loop, fluorothymidine; HET: FDM, ANP, ADP; 1.6A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.1
2382YHS_A50317396.70.035[                  -------------------------------]CELL DIVISION PROTEIN FTSY; CELL CYCLE, PROTEIN TARGETING, SIMIBI; HET: EDO; 1.6A {ESCHERICHIA COLI}
2392BDT_A1892396.70.0014[                   ---                           ]BH3686; alpha-beta protein, Structural Genomics, PSI; 2.4A {Bacillus halodurans} SCOP: c.37.1.25
2402HF9_A2263896.70.0015[                  -------                        ]Probable hydrogenase nickel incorporation protein; alpha and beta protein, P-loop; HET: GSP; 1.9A {Methanocaldococcus jannaschii}
2412CJW_A1922696.70.0065[                  ----                           ]GTP-BINDING PROTEIN GEM; G-PROTEIN, NUCLEOTIDE-BINDING, GTP-BINDING, SMALL GTPASE; HET: GDP; 2.1A {HOMO SAPIENS}
2425AUN_B24814496.70.055[                  ------------------------       ]Probable hydrogenase nickel incorporation protein; protein complex, metallochaperone; HET: URE, ADP, GOL; 1.63A {Thermococcus kodakaraensis (strain ATCC BAA-918 / JCM 12380 / KOD1)}
2434DZZ_B20612696.70.021[                   ----------------------        ]Plasmid partitioning protein ParF; deviant walker box, dna segregation; HET: ADP; 1.8A {Escherichia coli}
2441RKB_A1732596.70.0018[                  ----                           ]Protein CGI-137; five-stranded parallel beta-sheet flanked by; HET: SO4; 2.0A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.1
2452J1L_A2142496.70.0037[                  ----                           ]RHO-RELATED GTP-BINDING PROTEIN RHOD (E.C.; GTPASE, MEMBRANE, GTP-BINDING, PRENYLATION, HYDROLASE; HET: GDP; 2.5A {HOMO SAPIENS}
2462IWR_A1782496.70.029[                  ----                           ]CENTAURIN GAMMA 1; ANK REPEAT, ZINC-FINGER, GTP-BINDING, NUCLEOTIDE-BINDING; HET: CAF; 1.5A {HOMO SAPIENS}
2473OES_A2012496.70.033[                  ----                           ]GTPase RhebL1; small gtpase, Structural Genomics, Structural; HET: GNP; 2.301A {Homo sapiens}
2481MKY_A4392696.70.0045[                  ----                           ]Probable GTP-binding protein engA; GTPase, EngA, Der, KH-Domain, tandem; HET: PO4, GDP; 1.9A {Thermotoga maritima} SCOP: d.52.5.1, c.37.1.8
2501ZUN_B4342796.70.0034[                  ----                           ]Sulfate adenylyltransferase subunit 2 (E.C.; beta barrel, switch domain, heterodimer; HET: GDP, AGS; 2.7A {Pseudomonas syringae} SCOP: b.43.3.1, c.37.1.8, b.44.1.1
2511P4S_A1812496.70.0021[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; alpha/beta, TRANSFERASE; NMR {Mycobacterium tuberculosis} SCOP: c.37.1.1
2523B9P_A2972596.70.01[                  ----                           ]CG5977-PA, isoform A; AAA ATPase, ATP-binding, Nucleotide-binding, HYDROLASE; 2.7A {Drosophila melanogaster}
2535SZJ_A2022596.70.013[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-10, MICAL C-terminal-like; Mical-cL, DUF3585, Mical, Rab effector; HET: GNP; 2.66A {Homo sapiens}
2544TMK_A2133496.70.0019[                  ------                         ]PROTEIN (THYMIDYLATE KINASE) (; ATP:DTMP PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE, TRANSFERASE; HET: T5A; 1.98A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.1
2561M7G_C2112796.70.017[                  ----                           ]Adenylylsulfate kinase (E.C.; APS kinase, Adenylylsulfate kinase, Transferase; HET: AV2, ADP, ADX, GOL, SO4; 1.43A {Penicillium chrysogenum} SCOP: c.37.1.4
2573T5G_A1812496.70.011[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein Rheb, Retinal rod; Immunoglobulin-like beta sandwitch, PDE delta; HET: FAR, GDP; 1.7A {Homo sapiens}
2584Z8T_A3332696.70.019[                  ----                           ]AVRRXO1-ORF1, AVRRXO1-ORF2; AVRRXO1-ORF2 AVRRXO1-ORF1 AVRRXO1 AVRRXO1 REQUIRED; HET: SO4, MSE; 1.64A {Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola}
2591KNQ_B1752596.70.0034[                  ----                           ]LUCONATE KINASE 2 (E.C.; alfa/beta structure, TRANSFERASE; 2.0A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.17
2604Z8U_A3332696.70.019[                  ----                           ]AVRRXO1-ORF1, AVRRXO1-ORF2; AVRRXO1-ORF2 AVRRXO1-ORF1 AVRRXO1 AVRRXO1 REQUIRED; HET: SO4, MSE; 1.65A {Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola}
2612WWF_C2123096.70.0031[                  ----                           ]THYMIDILATE KINASE, PUTATIVE (E.C.; TRANSFERASE, KINASE, MALARIA; HET: GOL, ADP, TMP; 1.89A {PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM}
2625H56_B1952596.70.0022[                   ---                           ]Thymidylate kinase (E.C.; Kinase, Transferase, Rossmann Fold, Product-bound; HET: TYD, MPD, ADP; 1.7A {Aquifex aeolicus (strain VF5)}
2634S35_B1952596.70.0022[                   ---                           ]Thymidylate kinase (E.C.; Transferase, ATP binding, TMP binding; HET: TMP, ACP; 1.55A {Aquifex aeolicus}
2641KO5_A1752696.60.0034[                  ----                           ]Gluconate kinase 2 (E.C.'-TRIPHOSPHATE/'MAGNESIUM ION; alfa/beta, TRANSFERASE; HET: ATP; 2.28A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.17
2654RKE_A1762496.60.0023[                  ----                           ]GH01619p; GTP hydrolysis, hydrolase; HET: 1PE, GNP; 2.0006A {Drosophila melanogaster}
2663DPU_A53511696.60.013[                  -----------------------        ]Rab family protein; RocCOR, G-domain, COR, GTP-binding, Nucleotide-binding; 2.9A {Chlorobaculum tepidum}
2673L0S_A2232396.60.041[                   ---                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; Adenylate kinase, Gram-negative, Cobalt, ATP-binding; HET: TAR; 2.0A {Desulfovibrio gigas}
2682VHT_C3314396.60.0071[                   -------                       ]NTPASE P4; NON-HYDROLYSABLE ATP ANALOGUE, HYDROLASE, VIRUS; HET: ATP; 3.0A {PSEUDOMONAS PHAGE PHI12}
2692WOO_C3293896.60.13[                   ------                        ]ATPASE GET3 (E.C.; TAIL-ANCHORED, MEMBRANE PROTEIN, TARGETING FACTOR; 3.006A {SCHIZOSACCHAROMYCES POMBE}
2703BH0_A3152796.60.027[                  -----                          ]B.subtilis phage SPP1 DNA sequence; Helicase, ATPase, REPLICATION; 2.35A {Bacillus phage SPP1}
2711M7G_D2112796.60.025[                  ----                           ]Adenylylsulfate kinase (E.C.; APS kinase, Adenylylsulfate kinase, Transferase; HET: ADX, GOL, SO4, AV2, ADP; 1.43A {Penicillium chrysogenum} SCOP: c.37.1.4
2732Y8E_B1792496.60.033[                  ----                           ]RAB-PROTEIN 6; HYDROLASE, NUCLEOTIDE BINDING, GTP BINDING; HET: GNP, SO4; 1.39A {DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER}
2741H65_A2702696.60.02[                  ----                           ]CHLOROPLAST OUTER ENVELOPE PROTEIN OEP34; GTPASE, CHLOROPLAST, TRANSLOCON; HET: GDP; 2.0A {PISUM SATIVUM} SCOP: c.37.1.8
2751FNN_A3899096.60.055[                  ----------------               ]CDC6P; cdc6, cdc18, orc1, AAA protein; HET: ADP; 2.0A {Pyrobaculum aerophilum} SCOP: a.4.5.11, c.37.1.20
2765AUP_I24814496.60.059[                  ------------------------       ]Probable hydrogenase nickel incorporation protein; protein complex, metallochaperone; HET: ACP; 3.102A {Thermococcus kodakaraensis (strain ATCC BAA-918 / JCM 12380 / KOD1)}
2773TQC_A3213696.60.069[                  ------                         ]Pantothenate kinase (E.C.; Biosynthesis of cofactors, prosthetic groups; HET: ADP; 2.3A {Coxiella burnetii}
2781M7B_A1842496.60.014[                  ----                           ]Rho-related GTP-binding protein RhoE; small GTPase, SIGNALING PROTEIN; HET: GTP; 2.0A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
2794QBG_B2172396.60.077[                   ---                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; Adenylate kinase, Zinc finger, phosphotransferase; HET: AP5; 1.37A {Bacillus subtilis}
2801SQ5_D3082996.60.068[                  ----                           ]Pantothenate kinase (E.C.; P-loop, TRANSFERASE; HET: ADP, PAU; 2.2A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.6
2813TMK_H2162696.60.035[                  ----                           ]THYMIDYLATE KINASE, P1-(5'-ADENOSYL)P5-(5'-THYMIDYL)PENTAPHOSPHATE; KINASE, PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE; HET: T5A; 2.0A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.1
2825G53_C2292696.60.01[                  ----                           ]ADENOSINE RECEPTOR A2A, ENGINEERED DOMAIN; SIGNALING PROTEIN, G PROTEIN COUPLED; HET: NEC, GDP, SOG; 3.4A {HOMO SAPIENS}
2832PLR_A2132796.50.0036[                  ----                           ]Probable thymidylate kinase (E.C.; TMP-binding, ATP-binding, Thymidylate Kinase, Structural; HET: 1PE, PG4, EDO, EPE, PGE, PEG; 1.6A {Sulfolobus tokodaii}
2841VMA_B3064096.50.32[                  -------                        ]cell division protein FtsY; TM0570, CELL DIVISION PROTEIN FTSY; HET: CIT; 1.6A {Thermotoga maritima} SCOP: a.24.13.1, c.37.1.10
2851JBK_A1952896.50.0033[                  -----                          ]CLPB PROTEIN; Beta barrel, CHAPERONE; 1.8A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.20
2861X1R_A1782496.50.028[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein M-Ras; GTP-binding, SIGNALING PROTEIN; HET: GDP; 1.3A {Mus musculus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
2872PLR_B2132796.50.0035[                  ----                           ]Probable thymidylate kinase (E.C.; TMP-binding, ATP-binding, Thymidylate Kinase, Structural; HET: 1PE, PGE, PG4, EPE, EDO, PEG; 1.6A {Sulfolobus tokodaii}
2882YOG_A2102996.50.004[                  ----                           ]THYMIDYLATE KINASE (E.C.; TRANSFERASE, MALARIA, INHIBITOR; HET: 74X; 1.5A {PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM}
2893NWJ_A2502596.50.025[                  ----                           ]AtSK2 (E.C.; P loop, shikimate, nucleoside monophosphate; 2.35A {Arabidopsis thaliana}
2904MQB_B2082796.50.0033[                  ----                           ]thymidylate kinase; Structural Genomics, PSI-Biology, Midwest Center; HET: MES, PG4; 1.55A {Staphylococcus aureus}
2915VHN_F2672596.50.01[                  ----                           ]26S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit; p28, 26S proteasome, regulatory particle;{Homo sapiens}
2923ASZ_B2112896.50.0035[                  ----                           ]Uridine kinase (E.C.; cytidine phosphorylation, TRANSFERASE; HET: C5P; 2.25A {Thermus thermophilus}
2933WHK_A2702596.50.02[                  ----                           ]Proteasome-activating nucleotidase, 26S protease regulatory; Four-helix bundle, Proteasome ATPase subunit; HET: ATP; 2.6A {Pyrococcus furiosus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae}
2943JAJ_z42617796.50.093[                  ------------------------------ ]Ribosomal protein uL2, Ribosomal protein; mammalian, SRP, translocation, translation, RIBOSOME; HET: MG;{Oryctolagus cuniculus}
2952HCB_D3232796.50.016[                  ----                           ]Chromosomal replication initiator protein dnaA; AAA+ ATPase, Helix-turn-helix, REPLICATION; HET: ACP; 3.51A {Aquifex aeolicus} SCOP: c.37.1.20, a.4.12.2
2963W34_B2112896.50.0035[                  ----                           ]Uridine kinase (E.C.; kinase, nucleoside, TRANSFERASE; HET: CTN, ACP; 1.91A {Thermus thermophilus}
2973BE4_A2172596.50.032[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase; adenylate kinase, malaria, Cryptosporidium parvum; HET: GOL, AP5; 1.6A {Cryptosporidium parvum Iowa II}
2983WHK_E2702596.50.02[                  ----                           ]Proteasome-activating nucleotidase, 26S protease regulatory; Four-helix bundle, Proteasome ATPase subunit; HET: ATP; 2.6A {Pyrococcus furiosus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae}
2992GCO_B2012396.50.0082[                  ----                           ]Rho-related GTP-binding protein RhoC; GTP-binding protein, GTPase,SIGNALING PROTEIN, SIGNALING; HET: GNP; 1.4A {Homo sapiens}
3004WIA_A2332796.50.019[                  ----                           ]Putative flagella-related protein H; archaea, flagella, ATP-binding protein; HET: MSE, SO4; 2.2A {Methanocaldococcus jannaschii DSM 2661}
3012Q3H_A2012396.50.0091[                  ----                           ]Ras homolog gene family, member; GTPase, Structural Genomics, Structural Genomics; HET: GDP; 1.73A {Homo sapiens}
3024EDH_B2132796.50.0051[                  ----                           ]Thymidylate kinase (E.C.; structural genomics, PSI-Biology, protein structure; HET: TMP, ADP; 1.32A {Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1}
3032GCO_A2012496.40.0096[                  ----                           ]Rho-related GTP-binding protein RhoC; GTP-binding protein, GTPase,SIGNALING PROTEIN, SIGNALING; HET: GNP; 1.4A {Homo sapiens}
3042GED_A1932596.40.025[                  ----                           ]Signal recognition particle receptor beta; protein transport, G protein, signal; HET: SO4; 2.2A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae}
3053TQC_B3213696.40.069[                  ------                         ]Pantothenate kinase (E.C.; Biosynthesis of cofactors, prosthetic groups; HET: ADP; 2.3A {Coxiella burnetii}
3063WY9_B43413496.40.0087[                  -----------------------        ]Elongation factor 1-alpha, 50S ribosomal; multi-domain, GTPase, aminoacyl-tRNA delivery, GTP; HET: GDP; 2.3A {Pyrococcus horikoshii OT3}
3071L8Q_A3242796.40.018[                  ----                           ]Chromosomal replication initiator protein dnaA; AAA+, HELIX-TURN-HELIX, NUCLEOTIDE-BINDING, DNA BINDING; HET: ADP; 2.7A {Aquifex aeolicus} SCOP: c.37.1.20, a.4.12.2
3084JZK_B2142396.40.03[                   ---                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; transferase, phosphoryl transfer reaction, conformational; HET: AMP, ADP; 1.63A {Escherichia coli O104:H4}
3093CM0_A1862496.40.0038[                  ----                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; Adenylate kinase, ATP-binding, Nucleotide biosynthesis; 1.8A {Thermus thermophilus}
3103C5C_B1872896.40.014[                  ----                           ]RAS-like protein 12; ras, rasl12, gdp, gtpase, Structural; HET: GDP; 1.85A {Homo sapiens}
3112QM8_A3373296.40.048[                  -----                          ]GTPase/ATPase; G Protein, GTPase, G3E, Metallochaperone; HET: PO4; 1.7A {Methylobacterium extorquens} SCOP: c.37.1.10
3124KFU_B2122696.40.0023[                  ----                           ]Genome packaging NTPase B204 (E.C.3.-.-.-); FtsK-HerA superfamily, P-loop ATPase, genome; HET: FLC, ACP; 1.892A {Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus 2}
3132BBW_A2462596.40.059[                  ----                           ]adenylate kinase 4, AK4 (E.C.; AK4, nucleotide kinase, nucleotide binding; HET: GP5; 2.05A {Homo sapiens}
3141Z0F_A1792596.40.075[                  ----                           ]RAB14, member RAS oncogene family; Rab GTPase, Rab14, Vesicular trafficking; HET: GDP; 2.15A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
3151ZNY_A2072796.40.0045[                  ----                           ]Guanylate kinase (E.C.; Guanylate kinase, GMP kinase, ATP:GMP-phosphotransferase; HET: GDP; 2.3A {Mycobacterium tuberculosis} SCOP: c.37.1.1
3164B43_A3632496.40.013[                  ----                           ]TRANSLATION INITIATION FACTOR IF-2; TRANSLATION, INITIATION, GTP HYDROLYSIS MECHANISM; HET: GOL; 1.937A {THERMUS THERMOPHILUS}
3172QZ4_A2622696.40.15[                  ----                           ]Paraplegin (E.C.3.4.24.-); AAA+, SPG7, PROTEASE, ADP, Structural; HET: ADP; 2.22A {Homo sapiens}
3182JAS_C2062496.40.0047[                  ----                           ]DEOXYGUANOSINE KINASE (E.C.; KINASE, TRANSFERASE; HET: DTP; 2.7A {MYCOPLASMA MYCOIDES SUBSP. MYCOIDES SC}
3193ZUH_E2892896.40.016[                  -----                          ]PROTEIN CBBX; ATP BINDING PROTEIN, AAA+ PROTEIN; HET: RUB, ADP; 21.0A {RHODOBACTER SPHAEROIDES}
3203C5C_D1872896.40.014[                  ----                           ]RAS-like protein 12; ras, rasl12, gdp, gtpase, Structural; HET: GDP; 1.85A {Homo sapiens}
3211UF9_A2032496.40.004[                  ----                           ]TT1252 protein; p-loop, nucleotide binding domain, structural; HET: ATP; 2.8A {Thermus thermophilus} SCOP: c.37.1.1
3223R8C_A2282596.40.0036[                  ----                           ]Cytidylate kinase (E.C.; Structural Genomics, Seattle Structural Genomics; 2.2A {Mycobacterium abscessus}
3234DIE_C2282596.40.0036[                  ----                           ]Cytidylate kinase (E.C.; Structural Genomics, Seattle Structural Genomics; HET: C5P, PO4; 2.65A {Mycobacterium abscessus}
3245UCV_A2172496.40.032[                  ----                           ]Probable GTP-binding protein EngB; SSGCID, GDP, YsxC, engB, ribosome; HET: GDP, GOL; 1.8A {Neisseria gonorrhoeae (strain NCCP11945)}
3251NN5_A2152996.40.0048[                  ----                           ]Similar to deoxythymidylate kinase (thymidylate; thymidylate kinase, p-loop, d4TMP, TRANSFERASE; HET: 2DT, ANP; 1.5A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.1
3263V9P_B2272996.40.0049[                  ----                           ]Thymidylate kinase (E.C.; SSGCID, Thymidylate kinase, Burkholderia thailandensis; HET: MRD, GOL; 1.9A {Burkholderia thailandensis}
3274R2I_A2103596.40.0026[                  ------                         ]STIV B204 ATPase; P-loop, Arginine finger, ATP binding; HET: ANP; 2.05A {Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus 1}
3283OF5_B22813696.40.37[                  ------------------------       ]Dethiobiotin synthetase (E.C.; Structural Genomics, Center for Structural; HET: ACT; 1.52A {Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis}
3291ZNW_A2072796.40.0045[                  ----                           ]Guanylate kinase (E.C.; Guanylate kinase, GMP kinase, ATP:GMP-phosphotransferase; 2.1A {Mycobacterium tuberculosis} SCOP: c.37.1.1
3303FDI_B2012596.40.004[                  ----                           ]uncharacterized protein; Cytidylate kinase like protein, PSI; HET: SO4; 2.2A {Eubacterium ventriosum}
3311VG8_B2072496.40.019[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-7; GTP-binding protein, PROTEIN TRANSPORT; HET: GNP; 1.7A {Rattus norvegicus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
3325EQT_A2572596.40.012[                  ----                           ]Proteasome-activating nucleotidase; AAA+ATPase, UNFOLDASE, COMPLEX, hydrolase; HET: ADP; 1.943A {Pyrococcus horikoshii}
3344CYM_C2302496.30.053[                  ----                           ]RAS-RELATED PROTEIN RAB-32 (E.C., ANKYRIN; TRANSPORT PROTEIN, VARP, RAB-EFFECTOR, RAB; HET: GCP; 2.8A {HOMO SAPIENS}
3352X8A_A2742596.30.016[                  ----                           ]NUCLEAR VALOSIN-CONTAINING PROTEIN-LIKE; NUCLEAR PROTEIN; HET: PO4; 2.6A {HOMO SAPIENS}
3362Q3F_A1812396.30.088[                  ----                           ]Ras-related GTP-binding protein D; Structural Genomics, GTP-binding, RRAGD, Structural; HET: GNP; 2.1A {Homo sapiens}
3372FA9_B1892696.30.0031[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein SAR1b; Sar1H79G mutant, PROTEIN TRANSPORT; HET: SO4, GDP; 2.5A {Cricetulus griseus}
3385LNK_k3203096.30.056[                  ----                           ]Mitochondrial complex I, 51 kDa; NADH:ubiquinone, oxidoreductase, complex I, mammalian; HET: ZMP, PC1, NDP, PNS, 3PE, FMN, CDL, SF4; 3.9A {Ovis aries}
3392GED_B1932596.30.025[                  ----                           ]Signal recognition particle receptor beta; protein transport, G protein, signal; HET: SO4; 2.2A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae}
3403T15_A2937796.30.0057[                  ----------------               ]Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase activase 1; photosynthesis, Rubisco activase, AAA+ protein; 2.95A {Nicotiana tabacum}
3414C0S_A46313596.30.032[                  -----------------------        ]ELONGATION FACTOR 1-ALPHA 2; TRANSLATION; HET: GDP; 2.703A {ORYCTOLAGUS CUNICULUS}
3424JYC_C3373296.30.034[                  -----                          ]Methylmalonyl-CoA mutase accessory protein; Alpha and beta protein, P-loop; HET: GDP; 2.2A {Methylobacterium extorquens}
3432C78_A40512796.30.0061[                  ------------------------       ]ELONGATION FACTOR TU-A (E.C.; HYDROLASE, GTPASE, TRANSLATION ELONGATION FACTOR; HET: GNP, PUL; 1.4A {THERMUS THERMOPHILUS} SCOP: b.44.1.1, c.37.1.8, b.43.3.1
3442A9K_A1872396.30.015[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Ral-A, Mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase C3; Exoenzyme C3, bacterial ADP-ribosyltransferase, RAL; HET: NAD, GDP; 1.73A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
3453CWQ_A20912296.30.069[                   -----------------------       ]ParA family chromosome partitioning protein; alpha-beta protein, Structural Genomics, PSI-2; HET: ADP; 2.47A {Synechocystis sp.}
3461LY1_A1812496.30.005[                  ----                           ]polynucleotide kinase (E.C.; PNK, KINASE, PHOSPHATASE, POLYNUCLEOTIDE, T4; HET: SO4; 2.0A {Enterobacteria phage T4} SCOP: c.37.1.1
3472ZTS_B2513696.30.02[                  ------                         ]Putative uncharacterized protein PH0186; KaiC like protein, ATP-binding, Nucleotide-binding; HET: ADP; 2.07A {Pyrococcus horikoshii}
3485GRB_B2143396.30.0086[                  -----                          ]EV71 2C ATPase; Enterovirus 2C ATPase, virus replication; HET: AGS; 2.803A {Enterovirus}
3491KGD_A1802696.30.0061[                  ----                           ]PERIPHERAL PLASMA MEMBRANE PROTEIN CASK; MAGUK, CASK, GUANYLATE KINASE LIKE; HET: FMT; 1.314A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.1
3502ZTS_C2513696.30.02[                  ------                         ]Putative uncharacterized protein PH0186; KaiC like protein, ATP-binding, Nucleotide-binding; HET: ADP; 2.07A {Pyrococcus horikoshii}
3514CVN_A1912596.20.0053[                  ----                           ]PUTATIVE ADENYLATE KINASE (E.C., 30S; TRANSFERASE, RIBOSOME BIOGENESIS, RNP ASSEMBLY; HET: ADP; 2.121A {PYROCOCCUS ABYSSI GE5}
3521K6M_B4322796.20.094[                  ----                           ]6-phosphofructo-2-kinase (e.c.,6-biphosphatase 2-phosphotase (e.c.; tissue differentiation, isoform, domain stability; HET: AGS, PO4; 2.4A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.7, c.60.1.4
3531SKQ_B4352896.20.044[                  ----                           ]Elongation factor 1-alpha; Elongation factors, archaea, protein synthesis; HET: GDP; 1.8A {Sulfolobus solfataricus} SCOP: c.37.1.8, b.44.1.1, b.43.3.1
3545GQ1_D2143396.20.0086[                  -----                          ]EV71 2C ATPase; Enterovirus 2C, virus replication, Zinc; HET: PO4; 2.493A {Enterovirus A71}
3551QHX_A1782596.20.005[                  ----                           ]CHLORAMPHENICOL PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE; KINASE, ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE, PHOSPHORYLATION, MONONUCLEOTIDE; HET: ATP; 2.5A {Streptomyces venezuelae} SCOP: c.37.1.3
3562VII_A2592796.20.0056[                  ----                           ]PSP OPERON TRANSCRIPTIONAL ACTIVATOR; AAA, PSPF, ACTIVATOR, ATP-BINDING, DNA-BINDING; HET: AMP; 2.85A {ESCHERICHIA COLI}
3572ORI_B2162296.20.13[                   ---                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; thermostability, adenylate kinase, experimental adaptive; HET: AP5; 1.8A {Bacillus subtilis}
3584JLV_A26913996.20.25[                   ----------------------        ]C-terminal fragment of Membrane protein; Rossmann fold, tyrosine kinase, ATP-binding; HET: ADP; 2.2A {Staphylococcus aureus}
3591VG9_D1852896.20.006[                  ----                           ]Rab proteins geranylgeranyltransferase component A; RAB PRENYLATION, POST-TRANSLATIONAL MODIFICATION, PROTEIN; HET: GDP, P33; 2.5A {Rattus norvegicus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
3603TAU_A2082696.20.0071[                  ----                           ]Guanylate kinase (E.C.; Structural Genomics, Center for Structural; HET: SO4; 2.05A {Listeria monocytogenes}
3611UDX_A4162496.20.016[                  ----                           ]the GTP-binding protein Obg; GTP-binding protein, Obg, TGS domain; 2.07A {Thermus thermophilus} SCOP: c.37.1.8, d.242.1.1, b.117.1.1
3623LD9_A2232896.20.0059[                  -----                          ]Thymidylate kinase (E.C.; SSGCID, NIH, NIAID, SBRI, UW; HET: SO4; 2.15A {Ehrlichia chaffeensis}
3635UJ7_E2842596.20.035[                  ----                           ]Origin recognition complex subunit 1; Replication, DNA-binding, AAA+ ATPase, DNA; HET: ATP; 3.394A {Homo sapiens}
3644MIT_D1862796.20.0051[                  ----                           ]Rho family GTPase (E.C., Serine/threonine; G domain, p21 binding domain; HET: MG, GTP; 2.35A {Entamoeba histolytica}
3653N2I_B2362896.20.0067[                  -----                          ]Thymidylate kinase (E.C.; Thymidylate Kinase, Vibrio cholerae, Structural; HET: THM; 2.25A {Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar eltor}
3664CW7_A1912596.20.0053[                  ----                           ]PUTATIVE ADENYLATE KINASE (E.C., 30S; TRANSFERASE, RIBOSOME BIOGENESIS, RNP ASSEMBLY; HET: ADP, ATP; 2.46A {PYROCOCCUS ABYSSI GE5}
3673CIO_D29913996.20.092[                  -----------------------        ]Tyrosine-protein kinase etk (E.C.; ETK, WZC, ESCHERICHIA COLI TYROSINE; 2.5A {Escherichia coli}
3682JEO_A2453096.20.0071[                  ----                           ]URIDINE-CYTIDINE KINASE 1 (E.C.; UCK, KINASE, TRANSFERASE, ATP-BINDING, NUCLEOSIDE; 2.5A {HOMO SAPIENS}
3691R4A_D1652296.20.005[                  ----                           ]ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 1/Golgi autoantigen; Ras-like G Protein structure, Three-helix; HET: GNP; 2.3A {Rattus norvegicus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
3703BOS_B2422896.20.011[                  -----                          ]Putative DNA replication factor; P-LOOP CONTAINING NUCLEOSIDE TRIPHOSPHATE HYDROLASES; HET: CDP, EDO; 1.75A {Shewanella amazonensis}
3713AKE_A2082496.20.0064[                  ----                           ]Cytidylate kinase (E.C.; CMP kinase, CMP complex, open; HET: C5P; 1.5A {Thermus thermophilus}
3723AKC_A2082496.20.0064[                  ----                           ]Cytidylate kinase (E.C.; CMP kinase, CDP and ADP; HET: ADP, CDP; 1.65A {Thermus thermophilus}
3732HT6_A1742596.20.0063[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein GEM; small G-protein, signaling protein; HET: GDP; 2.4A {Homo sapiens}
3742FNA_B3572696.20.017[                  ----                           ]Conserved hypothetical protein; Structural genomics, Joint Center for; HET: EDO, ADP; 2.0A {Sulfolobus solfataricus} SCOP: c.37.1.20, a.4.5.11
3763IIJ_A1802596.10.0089[                  ----                           ]Coilin-interacting nuclear ATPase protein (E.C.; Alpha and beta proteins (a/b); HET: ADP, SO4; 1.76A {Homo sapiens}
3793UK6_G3682796.10.031[                  ----                           ]RuvB-like 2 (E.C.; Hexameric AAA+ ATP-ase, DNA unwinding; HET: ADP; 2.95A {Homo sapiens}
3803LV8_A2362896.10.0067[                  -----                          ]Thymidylate kinase (E.C.; Thymidylate Kinase, Vibrio cholerae, Structural; HET: TYD, ADP, TMP; 1.8A {Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar eltor}
3812NZJ_B1752396.10.0066[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein REM 1; REM1, GDP/GTP binding, GTP hydrolysis; HET: GDP; 2.5A {Homo sapiens}
3822NZJ_C1752396.10.0066[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein REM 1; REM1, GDP/GTP binding, GTP hydrolysis; HET: GDP; 2.5A {Homo sapiens}
3831Z08_C1702596.10.0054[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-21; Rab GTPase, Rab21, Vesicular trafficking; HET: GNP; 1.8A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
3844QRH_B2102696.10.0059[                  ----                           ]Guanylate kinase (E.C.; Guanylate Kinase, phosphotransferase, pppGpp, TRANSFERASE; HET: EDO, SO4, 0O2; 1.65A {Staphylococcus aureus USA300-ISMMS1}
3854QRH_C2102596.10.0059[                  ----                           ]Guanylate kinase (E.C.; Guanylate Kinase, phosphotransferase, pppGpp, TRANSFERASE; HET: EDO, 0O2, SO4; 1.65A {Staphylococcus aureus USA300-ISMMS1}
3863NEY_E1972796.10.0065[                  ----                           ]55 kDa erythrocyte membrane protein; structural genomics consortium, sgc, 55; HET: SO4, UNX; 2.26A {Homo sapiens}
3874TTQ_A2152396.10.0054[                  ----                           ]Dephospho-CoA kinase (E.C.; Kinase, P-loop, Coenzyme metabolism, TRANSFERASE; HET: ATP, PO4; 2.2A {Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila}
3884TTR_A2152396.10.0054[                  ----                           ]Dephospho-CoA kinase (E.C.; Kinase, P-loop, Coenzyme metabolism, TRANSFERASE; 2.1A {Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila}
3891G16_A1702396.10.0063[                  ----                           ]RAS-RELATED PROTEIN SEC4; G protein Rab, SIGNALING PROTEIN; HET: GDP; 1.8A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.8
3901Z2A_A1682596.10.0069[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-23; Rab GTPase, Rab23, Vesicular trafficking; HET: GDP; 1.9A {Mus musculus} SCOP: c.37.1.8
3912ZEJ_A1842396.10.0068[                  ----                           ]Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (E.C.; Parkinson's Disease, LRRK2, ROC, GTPase; HET: GDP; 2.0A {Homo sapiens}
3923OF5_A22813696.10.37[                  ------------------------       ]Dethiobiotin synthetase (E.C.; Structural Genomics, Center for Structural; HET: ACT; 1.52A {Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis}
3931G17_A1702396.10.0068[                  ----                           ]RAS-RELATED PROTEIN SEC4; G protein Rab, SIGNALING PROTEIN,ENDOCYTOSIS-EXOCYTOSIS; HET: GNP; 2.0A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.8
3941TEV_A1962596.10.0091[                  ----                           ]UMP-CMP kinase; Kinase, Ploop, NMP binding region; 2.1A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.1
3952AXP_B1732596.10.0081[                  ----                           ]hypothetical protein BSU20280; alpha beta protein., Structural Genomics; 2.5A {Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis} SCOP: c.37.1.1
3965J1J_B28514396.00.64[                  ------------------------       ]Site-determining protein; FleN, Transcription, Antiactivator, AMPPNP; HET: ANP, SO4; 1.55A {Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1}
3973QXC_A24214296.00.71[                  ------------------------       ]Dethiobiotin synthetase (E.C.; DTBS, dethiobiotin synthetase, Structural Genomics; HET: ATP, EDO; 1.34A {Helicobacter pylori}
3985ADY_64262796.00.07[                  ----                           ]50S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN L32, 50S; RIBOSOME, RIBOSOME RESCUE; HET: GNP; 4.5A {ESCHERICHIA COLI K-12}
3993KB2_B1732496.00.0081[                  ----                           ]SPBc2 prophage-derived uncharacterized protein yorR; alpha-beta protein., Structural Genomics, PSI-2; HET: G3D; 2.2A {Bacillus subtilis}
4011XWI_A3222696.00.047[                  ----                           ]SKD1 protein; VPS4B, SKD1, AAA ATPase, PROTEIN; HET: SO4; 2.8A {Homo sapiens}
4021S8F_B1772496.00.0082[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-9A; intracellular transport, vesicular trafficking, hemihedral; HET: BEZ, GDP; 1.77A {Canis lupus familiaris} SCOP: c.37.1.8
4031M8P_C5733696.00.062[                  ------                         ]sulfate adenylyltransferase (E.C.; Rossmann fold, phosphosulfate binding, T-state; HET: PPS; 2.6A {Penicillium chrysogenum} SCOP: c.26.1.5, c.37.1.15, b.122.1.3
4044ARZ_B3412896.00.02[                  ----                           ]GTP-BINDING PROTEIN GTR1, GTP-BINDING PROTEIN; HYDROLASE, GTPASE, CELL GROWTH; HET: GTP, GDP; 3.1A {SACCHAROMYCES CEREVISIAE}
4053K9H_A26714596.00.28[                  ------------------------       ]PF-32 protein; SSGCID, SBRI, DECODE BIOSTRUCTURES, UW; HET: SO4; 2.25A {Borrelia burgdorferi}
4064NE2_A33411696.00.13[                  --------------------           ]Pantothenate kinase (E.C.; Protein-substrate complex, Transferase; HET: SH2, ADP; 1.9A {Klebsiella pneumoniae}
4074FID_A3402396.00.13[                  ----                           ]G protein alpha subunit; RAS-LIKE DOMAIN, ALL-HELICAL DOMAIN, GTP; HET: GDP; 2.62A {Entamoeba histolytica}
4084HI0_F1992596.00.0094[                  ----                           ]Urease accessory protein UreF, Urease; Metallochaperone, Metal Binding Protein, Urease; HET: GDP; 2.35A {Helicobacter pylori}
4092GIL_A1622296.00.0098[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-6A; protein-nucleotide complex, GTPase-fold, PROTEIN TRANSPORT; HET: GTP; 1.82A {Homo sapiens}
4101LNZ_A3422396.00.014[                  ----                           ]SPO0B-associated GTP-binding protein; GTPase, Obg, stringent factor, stress; HET: G4P; 2.6A {Bacillus subtilis} SCOP: c.37.1.8, b.117.1.1
4113R9W_A3072396.00.017[                  ----                           ]GTPase Era/RNA complex; GTPase, KH domain, ribosome, biogenesis; HET: MRD, GNP, ACT; 2.05A {Aquifex aeolicus}
4124CZ2_B2302396.00.11[                  ----                           ]RAS-RELATED PROTEIN RAB-32, ANKYRIN REPEAT; SIGNALING PROTEIN, VARP, RAB-EFFECTOR, RAB; HET: GCP; 2.97A {HOMO SAPIENS}
4133JB7_B5614796.00.013[                  --------                       ]CPV RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, CPV; dsRNA genome organization, viral polymerase; HET: GTP, CTP; 4.001A {Bombyx mori cypovirus 1}
4143CX8_A3382696.00.072[                  ----                           ]Guanine nucleotide-binding protein alpha-13 subunit; SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION, PROTEIN COMPLEX, GTP-binding; HET: GSP; 2.0A {Mus musculus}
4153UK6_E3682796.00.03[                  ----                           ]RuvB-like 2 (E.C.; Hexameric AAA+ ATP-ase, DNA unwinding; HET: ADP; 2.95A {Homo sapiens}
4163VFD_A3892496.00.04[                  ----                           ]Spastin (E.C.; ATPase, microtubule severing, HYDROLASE; 3.301A {Homo sapiens}
4172RHD_A1752395.90.0092[                  ----                           ]Small GTP binding protein rab1a; GTPase, RAB1A, Cryptosporidium parvum, SGC; HET: GDP; 2.06A {Cryptosporidium parvum}
4181SHZ_D3402595.90.069[                  ----                           ]Guanine Nucleotide-Binding Protein Galpha(13):Galpha(i1) Chimera; SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION, PROTEIN COMPLEX, SIGNALING; HET: GDP, ALF; 2.85A {Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus} SCOP: c.37.1.8, a.66.1.1
4192QBY_A3864195.90.027[                  ------                         ]Cell division control protein 6; winged-helix domain, helix-turn-helix, AAA+ ATPase; HET: SPD, ADP; 3.35A {Sulfolobus solfataricus}
4202A5J_A1913095.90.0097[                 -----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-2B; GTPase, Signal transduction, Structural Genomics; HET: GDP; 1.501A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
4213JB6_B5614795.90.013[                  --------                       ]RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (E.C., Viral; dsRNA genome organization, viral polymerase; HET: GTP; 3.3A {Bombyx mori cypovirus 1}
4225J1J_A28514295.90.78[                  -----------------------        ]Site-determining protein; FleN, Transcription, Antiactivator, AMPPNP; HET: SO4, ANP; 1.55A {Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1}
4233CWQ_B20912195.90.069[                   ----------------------        ]ParA family chromosome partitioning protein; alpha-beta protein, Structural Genomics, PSI-2; HET: ADP; 2.47A {Synechocystis sp.}
4245UIV_A2272795.90.0099[                  ----                           ]Bifunctional thymidylate/uridylate kinase; Thymidylate kinase, Candida albicans, TRANSFERASE; HET: TMP, ADP; 2.45A {Candida albicans SC5314}
4255TVK_B26714595.90.28[                  ------------------------       ]PF-32 protein; Structural Genomics, SSGCID, NTPase, Seattle; HET: ANP; 2.4A {Borrelia burgdorferi (strain ATCC 35210 / B31 / CIP 102532 / DSM 4680)}
4261KY2_A1822595.90.014[                  ----                           ]GTP-BINDING PROTEIN YPT7P; G PROTEIN, VESICULAR TRAFFIC, GTP; HET: GNP; 1.6A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.8
4275UJ7_D4362895.90.048[                  ----                           ]Origin recognition complex subunit 1; Replication, DNA-binding, AAA+ ATPase, DNA; HET: ATP; 3.394A {Homo sapiens}
4284P0T_A1762295.90.0062[                  ----                           ]CENP-M; Mitosis, Kinetochore, CCAN, G-protein, cell; 1.493A {Homo sapiens}
4293H0K_A1782195.90.0095[                   ---                           ]UPF0200 protein SSO1041; ADENYLATE, KINASE, SULFOLOBUS, SOLFATARICUS, STRUCTURAL; HET: SO4; 3.25A {Sulfolobus solfataricus}
4303TMK_F2162695.90.016[                  ----                           ]THYMIDYLATE KINASE, P1-(5'-ADENOSYL)P5-(5'-THYMIDYL)PENTAPHOSPHATE; KINASE, PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE; HET: T5A; 2.0A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.1
4313D8B_B3572595.90.036[                  ----                           ]Fidgetin-like protein 1 (E.C.3.6.4.-); AAA+, ATPase, ADP, SGC, Structural; HET: ADP; 2.0A {Homo sapiens}
4325KCS_1w6392595.90.08[                  ----                           ]70S ribosome; Avilamycin, evernimycin, antibiotic, antimicrobial, ribosome; HET: MA6, UR3, OMG, 2MG, 6MZ, 5MC, OMU, PSU, OMC, 5MU, EVN, 7MG, G7M, H2U, 1MG, 3TD, 2MA, 4OC; 3.9A {Escherichia coli (strain K12)}
4333J2K_74392495.90.073[                  ----                           ]PROTEIN/RNA Complex; rabbit 80S ribosome, RIBOSOME-TRANSLATION complex; 17.0A {Oryctolagus cuniculus}
4341UPT_G1712495.90.012[                  ----                           ]ADP-RIBOSYLATION FACTOR-LIKE PROTEIN 1, GOLGI; HYDROLASE/PROTEIN-BINDING, COMPLEX (GTPASE-GOLGIN), GOLGIN-245, GRIP; HET: GTP; 1.7A {HOMO SAPIENS} SCOP: c.37.1.8
4354TWZ_A35213595.90.17[                  -----------------------        ]PROTEIN RECA; HOMOLOGOUS RECOMBINATION, DNA BINDING, RECOMBINATION; 2.8A {Escherichia coli K12}
4363CH4_B2022895.90.012[                  ----                           ]Phosphomevalonate kinase (E.C.; parallel beta-sheet with the strand; HET: MPD, SO4; 1.76A {Homo sapiens}
4374WAU_A1762295.80.0063[                  ----                           ]Centromere protein M; native-SAD, S-SAD, sulfur-SAD, sulfur SAD; 2.2A {Homo sapiens}
4384CSU_93902395.80.07[                  ----                           ]50S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN L28, 50S; (P)PPGPP, OBG, RIBOSOME ASSEMBLY, STRINGENT; 5.5A {ESCHERICHIA COLI}
4391ZAK_A2222795.80.011[                  ----                           ]ADENYLATE KINASE, BIS(ADENOSINE)-5'-PENTAPHOSPHATE; ATP:AMP-PHOSPHOTRANSFERASE, TRANSFERASE; HET: AP5; 3.5A {Zea mays} SCOP: g.41.2.1, c.37.1.1
4401MOZ_B1832595.80.0071[                  ---                            ]ADP-ribosylation factor-like 1 (ARL1) from; GTP-BINDING, PROTEIN BINDING; HET: GDP; 3.17A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.8
4415EP1_A2532595.80.012[                  ----                           ]Putative repressor protein luxO; Quorum sensing, AAA+ protein, catalytic; HET: ACT; 1.5A {Photobacterium angustum}
4423TR5_A5285995.80.072[                                ---------        ]Peptide chain release factor 3; Protein synthesis, TRANSLATION; HET: GDP, MSE; 2.11A {Coxiella burnetii}
4431RZ3_A2013095.80.014[                  -----                          ]protein RBSTP0775 from Bacillus stearothermophilus; Bacillus stearothermophilus, MCSG, structural genomics; 1.9A {Geobacillus stearothermophilus} SCOP: c.37.1.6
4442QEN_A3502495.80.028[                  ----                           ]walker-type atpase; PYROCOCCUS ABYSSI, ATPASE, WALKER-TYPE, UNKNOWN; HET: ADP; 2.25A {Pyrococcus abyssi}
4453T34_B3602595.80.042[                  ----                           ]Dynamin-related protein 1A, LINKER, Dynamin-related; dynamin-like protein 1A, GTPase, membrane; HET: GDP, ALF; 2.405A {Arabidopsis thaliana, synthetic, Arabidopsis thaliana}
4462HCJ_A372895.80.021[                  -----                          ]Protein chain elongation factor EF-Tu; trypsin-modified EF-Tu, GTPase center, complex; HET: TAC, GDP; 2.12A {Escherichia coli}
4472I3B_A1892695.80.012[                   ----                          ]Human Cancer-Related NTPase (HCR-NTPase); NTPase, AAA, Rossmann, HYDROLASE; NMR {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.11
4481CIP_A3532595.80.039[                  ----                           ]GUANINE NUCLEOTIDE-BINDING PROTEIN ALPHA-1 SUBUNIT; GTPASE, G PROTEIN, HYDROLASE; HET: GNP; 1.5A {Rattus norvegicus} SCOP: a.66.1.1, c.37.1.8
4503R20_A2332595.80.012[                  ----                           ]Cytidylate kinase (E.C.; Structural Genomics, Seattle Structural Genomics; 2.0A {Mycobacterium smegmatis}
4513WND_A3702695.80.033[                  ----                           ]Protein translation elongation factor 1A; Structural Genomics, NPPSFA, National Project; HET: CIT; 1.55A {Methanosarcina mazei}
4522G88_A34913595.80.083[                  -----------------------        ]Protein recA; RECOMBINATION, DNA-REPAIR; HET: DTP, CIT; 3.2A {Mycobacterium smegmatis}
4533HR8_A35613495.80.15[                  -----------------------        ]Protein recA; Alpha and beta proteins (a/b; 1.95A {Thermotoga maritima}
4541NJG_B2502895.80.019[                  -----                          ]DNA polymerase III subunit gamma; Rossman-like fold, AAA+ ATPase domains; HET: SO4; 2.2A {Escherichia coli} SCOP: c.37.1.20
4555GOM_A4225695.80.075[                                ---------        ]Mitofusin-1(E.C.3.6.5.-,); hydrolase, mitochondrial fusion; HET: GDP; 2.802A {Homo sapiens}
4563TW8_D1812495.80.011[                  ----                           ]DENN domain-containing protein 1B, Ras-related; longin domain, Rab GTPase, guanine; 2.1A {Homo sapiens}
4573TW8_B1812495.80.011[                  ----                           ]DENN domain-containing protein 1B, Ras-related; longin domain, Rab GTPase, guanine; 2.1A {Homo sapiens}
4585V8F_95132895.80.083[                  -----                          ]DNA replication licensing factor MCM2; DNA replication, Cryo-EM, OCCM, REPLICATION; HET: AGS; 3.9A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c)}
4591ZO1_I5012595.80.047[                  ----                           ]translation initiation factor 2/translation initiation; E. COLI, RIBOSOME, INITIATION OF; 13.8A {Escherichia coli}
4601W36_G60811995.80.033[                  ---------------------          ]EXODEOXYRIBONUCLEASE V BETA CHAIN (E.C.; RECOMBINATION, HELICASE, NUCLEASE, HYDROLASE, DNA; 3.1A {ESCHERICHIA COLI} SCOP: c.37.1.19
4611KY3_A1822495.80.013[                  ----                           ]GTP-BINDING PROTEIN YPT7P; G PROTEIN, VESICULAR TRAFFIC, GTP; HET: GDP; 1.35A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae} SCOP: c.37.1.8
4624JL5_B2032395.70.013[                   ---                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; transferase, phosphoryl transfer; HET: ADP; 1.24A {Aquifex aeolicus}
4635VH6_A4092495.70.15[                  ----                           ]Adenosylhomocysteinase (E.C.,; Structural Genomics, Center for Structural; 2.61A {Bacillus subtilis (strain 168)}
4643HDT_A2232795.70.014[                  ----                           ]putative kinase; Clostridium symbiosum ATCC 14940, putative; HET: PO4; 2.79A {Clostridium symbiosum ATCC 14940}
4653VQT_C5482495.70.023[                  ----                           ]Peptide chain release factor 3; translation, release factor, GTPase; HET: GDP; 1.8A {Desulfovibrio vulgaris}
4665JZC_C33912795.70.16[                  -----------------------        ]DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog; cryoEM DNA repair recombinase, CELL; 4.2A {Homo sapiens}
4672Z4R_A4403695.70.013[                  ------                         ]Chromosomal replication initiator protein dnaA; AAA+ ATPase, domain III (ATPase; HET: ADP; 3.05A {Thermotoga maritima}
4681ZJ6_A1872595.70.011[                  ----                           ]ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 5; ARL, GTP-binding, Transport Protein; HET: G3D, SO4; 2.0A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
4692R6A_B4543695.70.17[                  ------                         ]Replicative helicase/DnaG Primase, Helicase Binding; Helicase, Primase, Replication, dnaB, dnaG; HET: SO4; 2.9A {Geobacillus stearothermophilus}
4702Z4S_A4403695.70.013[                  ------                         ]Chromosomal replication initiator protein dnaA; AAA+ ATPase, domain III (ATPase; HET: ADP; 3.0A {Thermotoga maritima}
4713SYL_A3092895.70.14[                  -----                          ]Protein cbbX; photosynthesis, Rubisco activase, AAA+ protein; HET: SO4; 3.0A {Rhodobacter sphaeroides}
4723Q85_A1692295.70.012[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein REM 2; G-domain, G-protein, Cav2 beta, SIGNALING; HET: GNP; 1.757A {Mus musculus}
4734TMX_B3452695.70.19[                  ----                           ]eIF5B; Translation factor, GTPase, monovalent cation; HET: EDO, GTP; 1.5A {Chaetomium thermophilum}
4741BIF_A4694995.70.013[              --------                           ]6-PHOSPHOFRUCTO-2-KINASE/ FRUCTOSE-2,6-BISPHOSPHATASE, PHOSPHOTHIOPHOSPHORIC ACID-ADENYLATE ESTER; KINASE, TRANSFERASE (PHOSPHO), PHOSPHATASE, HYDROLASE; HET: PO4, AGS; 2.0A {Rattus norvegicus} SCOP: c.37.1.7, c.60.1.4
4753B85_A2082795.70.25[                  ----                           ]Phosphate starvation-inducible protein; Corynebacterium glutamicum, PhoH2, ATPase, PFAM:; HET: SO4; 2.35A {Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 13032}
4764ESV_C4543595.70.16[                  ------                         ]Replicative helicase/DNA Complex; RecA Fold, Helicase, HYDROLASE-DNA complex; HET: GDP, MES, ALF, CA; 3.2A {Geobacillus stearothermophilus}
4773IHW_A1842595.70.015[                  ----                           ]CENTG3; ras, centaurin, gtpase, Structural Genomics; 1.92A {Homo sapiens}
4783D8B_A3572595.70.036[                  ----                           ]Fidgetin-like protein 1 (E.C.3.6.4.-); AAA+, ATPase, ADP, SGC, Structural; HET: ADP; 2.0A {Homo sapiens}
4792H57_B1902695.70.0088[                  ----                           ]Crystal structure of human ADP-ribosylation; GTP, GTPASE, MEMBRANE TRAFFICKING, STRUCTURAL; HET: GTP; 2.0A {Homo sapiens}
4801YU9_A1752495.70.013[                  ----                           ]GTP-binding protein; Rab GTPase, Rab4, vesicular trafficking; HET: SO4, GNP; 2.07A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
4812OV2_D1792495.70.013[                  ----                           ]Ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate; GTPase RAC3, small GTP binding; HET: EDO, GCP; 2.1A {Homo sapiens}
4822PH1_A26214195.70.23[                   ----------------------        ]Nucleotide-binding protein; alpha-beta protein, Structural Genomics, PSI-2; 2.7A {Archaeoglobus fulgidus DSM 4304}
4833X2S_B2142395.70.014[                   ---                           ]Adenylate kinase (E.C.; NMP and LID domains, kinase; HET: AP5, JPY; 2.8A {Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MDS42}
4841WMS_B1772495.70.014[                  ----                           ]Ras-related protein Rab-9A; GTPase, PROTEIN TRANSPORT; HET: GDP; 1.25A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: c.37.1.8
4853IBG_D3484395.71.4[                  -------                        ]Arsenite translocating ATPase ArsA (E.C.; nucleotide binding, hydrolase, deviant Walker; HET: ADP; 3.2A {Aspergillus fumigatus}
4861WCV_125714195.70.066[                   -----------------------       ]SEGREGATION PROTEIN; SOJ, ATPASE, BACTERIAL, CHROMOSOME SEGREGATION; 1.6A {THERMUS THERMOPHILUS}
4881W5T_B4122595.70.063[                   ----                          ]ORC2; ORC, CDC6, DNA REPLICATION INITIATION; HET: ANP, ADP; 2.4A {AEROPYRUM PERNIX} SCOP: a.4.5.11, c.37.1.20
4892H57_C1902695.70.0088[                  ----                           ]Crystal structure of human ADP-ribosylation; GTP, GTPASE, MEMBRANE TRAFFICKING, STRUCTURAL; HET: GTP; 2.0A {Homo sapiens}
4902P65_A1872995.60.019[                  -----                          ]Hypothetical protein PF08_0063; ClpB, plasmodium, malaria, Structural Genomics; 1.7A {Plasmodium falciparum}
4912R65_B2682595.60.038[                  ----                           ]Cell division protease ftsH homolog; FtsH, ADP, ATPase domain, Helicobacter; HET: ADP; 3.3A {Helicobacter pylori}
4922IF2_B2042295.60.012[                  ----                           ]Dephospho-CoA kinase (E.C.; alpha-beta protein, Structural Genomics, PSI-2; HET: SO4; 3.0A {Aquifex aeolicus}
4945UDB_D5294295.60.054[                  -------                        ]DNA replication licensing factor MCM2; DNA replication, Cryo-EM, OCCM, REPLICATION; HET: AGS; 3.9A {Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c)}
4951JJV_A2062295.60.011[                  ----                           ]DEPHOSPHO-COA KINASE (E.C.; P-loop nucleotide-binding fold, Structure 2; HET: ATP; 2.0A {Haemophilus influenzae} SCOP: c.37.1.1
4961D2N_A2722595.60.053[                  ----                           ]N-ETHYLMALEIMIDE-SENSITIVE FUSION PROTEIN, PHOSPHOAMINOPHOSPHONIC ACID-ADENYLATE; HEXAMERIZATION DOMAIN, ATPASE, TRANSPORT; HET: ANP; 1.75A {Cricetulus griseus} SCOP: c.37.1.20
4972X77_A1892395.60.01[                  ---                            ]ADP-RIBOSYLATION FACTOR; GTP-BINDING PROTEIN, SMALL GTPASE, NUCLEOTIDE-BINDING; HET: GDP; 2.1A {LEISHMANIA MAJOR}
4984ZO4_C2042395.60.0067[                  ----                           ]Dephospho-CoA kinase (E.C.; structural genomics, IDP00325, dephospho-CoA kinase; HET: MSE; 2.57A {Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni serotype O:2 (strain NCTC 11168)}
4994QOS_A2652795.60.014[                  ----                           ]Psp operon transcriptional activator; BACTERIAL SIGMA54 ACTIVATOR, ATPASE, ATP-BINDING; HET: EPE, GOL, ADP; 1.42A {Escherichia coli}
5004LJ9_A3399095.60.13[                  -----------------              ]Chaperone protein ClpB; AAA+ protein, nucleotide binding domain; HET: ACP; 1.7A {Thermus thermophilus}